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  1. BrunusCL82


    Will we have old competition cars?

    I have this doubt because the cars of current competitions are different and more evolved than the cars of the past. They have more power and aerodynamic pressure, more stability in the curves etc.

    Cars like Mercedes CLK GTR, Mclaren F1 GT1, Nissan R390 GT1, Porsche 911 GT1, Lamborghini Diablo GT1, Panoz Esperante GT1 etc. They could be allocated in the eventual Gr.2 group.

    Cars also from the FIA GT2 group, such as Viper Oreca GT2, Porsche 911 GT2, Gillete Vestigo GT2, Ferrari 360 GT2 etc. They could be allocated in Gr. 3 group.

    What about the old JGTC cars? I would very much like you to bring Castrol Toyota Supra, Calsonic Skyline etc. The cars of the 90s of the JGTC could be allocated in group Gr.3. The current Super GT cars could be placed on Gr.2.

    As well, famous LM cars such as Toyota Gt-One, Mercedes Sauber C9, Toyota Minolta etc.

    The LM GTE Pro cars could also be included, to be placed in category Gr.2. Of course, as long as this group is installed one day.

    What about the formula cars? The DP could bring three modalities, simulating the current categories. What would be the group of these cars? Would you have to create another group? Fr.1 group?

    Honestly, I prefer those cars than VGT cars, which have no personality and background.

    I think the BOP could do a decent job. A fictitious work, of course, but would provide lots of fun and varieties of cars.

    Another thing that makes me uncomfortable.

    I am afraid of GTS if you limit yourself to submit only one car per brand, for each group/category.

    For example, Ferrari has the 458 Gr.3. But I also wanted the Ferrari 488 GT3, the Ferrari 360 GT2, the Ferrari 488 GTE etc.

    I have the impression that at the end of the 90's and until the middle of the last decade, we had iconic and beautiful cars. More than the present time.

    I think this is important because it gives more personality and life to the game.

    I am very afraid of the GT franchise, after the agreement with the FIA, to become a bureaucratic game, bound by FIA rules. I am afraid the franchise will become limited because of bureaucratic rules that prevent the creation of new inventive circuits and addition of old competition cars. I do not know if you understood my point.

    I do not want the FIA to be a curb for PD's imagination and the desire of us to run with famous and historic cars.

    PS: Forgive me for my bad english.
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  2. baldgye


    I don't think so. Look at what the F1 games have done with iconic cars from the 70s, 80s, 90s and 00s and they struggle more than most with licencing nightmares. The game already has older cars, so I don't see that other ones would pose anymore or less of a headache from that point of view.
    I think the only things limiting the cars being added to the game is time, direction and the community.

    I hope they add multi-class events into Sport mode, but I think before we get there the league systems need some work and need some time to settle down again after a whole host of new users joined the ranks at Christmas.
  3. BrunusCL82


    Does limiting the way SPORT MODE competitions in only three groups (or possibly four, in the case of Gr.2app in the future), is not harmful?

    For example.

    We all want to see Mclaren F1 in the game. Right?

    Not only that it is brought to the game, but that we can actually use it in Sport mode. Right?

    Would the car be placed in the category Gr.1, Gr.2 (future) or Gr.3?

    Or would we have to create a group for cars of the past?

    In my opinion, if Mclaren F1 is put into the game, it should be put into the existing categories, and the work of BOP would have to be done very well, either to improve the performance of the car or to make it worse. The important thing is that this iconic and historic car can not stay out of the game.

    What about the Mercedes Sauber C9? What would your group be? Gr.1 or a new group for old cars?

    I do not know.

    I am afraid that the rules of the FIA will be a barrier to the addition of these cars.

    I also find the division into only three or four groups a very limited, complicated situation.

    LMP1 cars are another type of animal. They should have another designation.

    For example:

    Lr1: LMP1 current.
    Lr2: Group C1 (ex-LM cars)

    The formulas of the cars also:

    Fr1: F1 style cars.
    Fr2: Indy style cars.
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  4. baldgye


    I think the way they group the cars is pretty poor at the moment, but because the selection is so limited it's not an issue.
    For example, GT3 cars have many different categories and rules that they have to follow. I would imagine that this limitation isn't anything to really do with the FIA, as the FIA over see many GT3, GTLE etc events and is more just a logistical issue with the game.
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