Finished MustangGT's X2014 Junior Racing Championship!

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    Howdy, and welcome to my X2014 Junior Racing Championship Thread! Here you will find a clean racing environment where the entire field of players will have an equal opportunity to pull out a win! Every race will be filled with lots of close-corner racing and adrenaline rush! There are only a few simple things yout should know when being a part of this room:

    1) Tuning with the X2014 Junior is set to prohibited so no one can have any sort of excuse as to why they lost. (Note: a different setting sheet is the easiest way to get into race)

    2) The winner of the race will pick the track that they want next and also the racing conditions for it (i.e. Nurburgring at 21:00 with 50% rain on track, etc.).

    3) There will be a ZERO TOLERANCE policy to cheating. If I find out you cut and you don't confess you will be kicked on the spot.

    4) Any problems you have with someone should be talked about to each other after the race.

    5) If you accidentally knock someone off course, wait for them to pass you on track before continuing your race.

    6) If you complain about how the room is being run, send me a personal message with your problem and I will respond in the classiest way I can. (Do not send me "Oh you're a :censored: learn how to run a :censored: room. I will just kick you.)

    7) Be courtious during the race; if someone is on the inside don't try to take it away from them.

    8) The room is set to where the races have real conditions like fuel and slipstream strength.

    9) Give your X2014 Junior an oil change as that will equal the total PP of the room (736)

    10) ABS is the only aid that is allowed. Do not complain about this as it isn't going to change.

    11) Qualifying will be set to Race Together unless said otherwise.

    12) Most importantly, have fun and BEAT THE HELL OUTTA THE RACES! Whoop! :tup:

    Room #: 1472-6399-8494-1420-2682
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    Hello: how do you set up a room to allow X2014Jrs to race each other. I can't enter my Jr. into room without being flagged saying that the car can only be entered into restricted races, yet I can't get set a restriction to allow only X2014jrs to participate. what am I missing?
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    This is a known problem and will most likely be patched in the next update.