My '93 BMW 540i

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  1. DanniV8

    Iceland Keflavik

    Just wanted to show my car off :)


    It's a 1993 BMW E34 540i. Originally automatic but converted to 6 gear manual. Stock limited slip differential in the rear.

    I replaced the suspension with Bilstein Sport shocks and H&R lowering springs.

    Stock color, I've done some modding to get it to look like this. It originally had a black lower portion and no plastic side skirts. Bought the side skirts and rear bumper off an M5, painted the front bumper all the way down and deleted the headlight washer nozzles. Also installed a towing hook off the same M5 :D

    This is the 13th BMW and the 19th car I own since 2004, which was the year before I got my license, but this is by far the best drivers car I've had. I've had it for one year this month.

    This is what it looked like when I got it:

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  2. ZohsixGT5

    United States Atlanta

    Looks good. that's my favorite 5 series chassis.
  3. Azuremen

    United States 509

    The Contours look pretty darn good on that. And so does the paint - I don't think I've seen an E34 in red that looked that good over here.

    What other BMW's have you owned?
  4. DanniV8

    Iceland Keflavik

    Thanks! It's special order color and it's called Mugellorot. I've only seen one other E34 in this color and it's an M5 20th anniversary edition in Sweden.

    The BMW's I've owned in correct order:
    #1: 1994 E34 525iA - Sold it, next owner finished the brake bad, then the brake disk and the car ended up rusting to death.
    #2: 1995 E36 320i which I converted to 325i - Sold it and next owner messed with the fuel lines and it caught fire and burned.
    #3: 1999 E39 540iA - Sold it. Next owner cared very well for it but got rear ended and the car was totaled.
    #4: 1992 E36 318i - bought it as a winter beater, then sold it. Car is still running strong today.
    #5: 1999 E39 540iA - Missed the old one so much I got another one! Crashed it one day on the way home from work and it was totaled.
    #6: 2001 E46 330d Touring - Got it when the 540iA was totaled, didn't like the diesel so I sold it quickly. It belongs to an aircraft mechanic right now.
    #7: 1991 E34 535i - Loved this car, sold it only to buy the 540i.
    #8: 1994 E38 730iA - Bought it cheap and broken to fix and resell.
    #9: 1993 E34 540i - My current car.
    #10: 1991 E32 750iL - Bought it cheap and broken to fix and resell.
    #11: 1991 E34 525i - Bought it for parts.
    #12: 1991 E34 525i - Winter beater for 2011-2012. Welded the diff and had loads of fun in it. Then sold it and the next owner broke both axles and is now selling it.
    #13: 1990 E34 518i - Bought it for parts.

    This is a short list compared to one of my friends 30+ BMW's :p
  5. MedigoFlame

    United States Maine

    As ZohsixGT5 said, that is definitely my favorite generation of the BMW 5-Series. Great looking car! :tup:

    And I have to say, that's quite a bit of BMW's you've had. :lol:
  6. aadil717

    United Kingdom Coventry

    That E34 looks so good!

    I wish I had the time and more importantly money to do something like this! :lol:
  7. homeforsummer


    That looks great. Red isn't actually a colour I'd normally consider on BMWs, but that works really well. Looking at your car history you're clearly a fan of 540s too!
  8. FordMKIVJ5

    United Kingdom Suffolk

    Not much of a BMW fan, but that is one nice looking car. :tup:
  9. DanniV8

    Iceland Keflavik

    Thanks everyone for the compliments! It's nice reading kind words considering the time and effort I have put into this car. :tup:

    Indeed I do. During the years I have had several BMW's and spent a lot of time finding exactly what I want and what is in my price range. The 540iA E39's I've had were the best cars I have ever had. They have a fantastic interior, which is essential since you spend most of your time inside your car when using it. Great power and a smooth transmission. The stability management is perfect in rain and dry, but terrible in the snow. It just takes all the power away from the wheels when you drive in the snow when you really need to power through.

    But for me, I want more fun factor. That is why I ended up with an E34 540i. Manual, Limited slip differential, 286hp and 400nm tourqe. Lighter than the E39, better handling. But the interior is not as good, but I can live with that.

    A friend of mine want's the estate version of this car and we have found one that has a supercharger kit installed, which according to the kit's manufacturer converts the car to 411hp. These cars with this superchargers have been dynoed at around 370-380hp to the wheels so around 400hp to the crank is probably not that far off. We plan on buying that car together, he will keep the car and I will put the s/c kit on my car. I will most likely have to buy a daily driver once that has been done and I have already found the ideal car for that purpose. It's a 1989 525iA with a cracked head that's for sale for very cheap. I'll probably buy it and fix it up to use as a winterbeater. It's even been fitted with lifting blocks in order to raise the car up by about 10-15mm so it's great for the snowy condition we get in the winter here in Iceland.
  10. homeforsummer


    Yeah, there's something very appealing about that V8 with a manual transmission.

    Incidentally, I've just checked out your flick stream - fantastic photos :tup:
  11. Patruck GT2

    Italy Milano, Italia

    Wonderful car, E34 is the best looking 5 series ever made.
  12. phil bell


    Very cool car man, before the Bangle/idrive nonsense. :tup:
  13. Cano

    Mexico Cephiro

    Worthy car to show off! It really looks good with what you've done to it.
  14. RedTransAm

    United States Maryland, USA

    Very sharp! What car donated the 6 speed?
  15. Jacques_apex

    United States Austin - Texas

    your car looks awesome ! big fan of the e34s
  16. DanniV8

    Iceland Keflavik

    First, I know I'm almost a year and a half late to reply to this hehe. But back in 2012 a friend of mine bought an E36 touring in the UK and I went along with him to pick up all the 6 speed stuff out of an E34 540i/6 being parted over there.

    Also, not much has changed, except for wheels. New pictures from the summer of 2013:


    A video from when I did some exhaust modifications:

    And I'm really not sure when I'll get to see it again. It's in storage in another town and this has been blocking the way over there for more than a month now:
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