My Bugatti Veyron Tuning Options Are Bugged? It Is Slower Now

Discussion in 'FM4 Tuning' started by Cassius101, May 28, 2013.

  1. Cassius101

    Cassius101 (Banned)

    I just went into my tuning options for the Veyron and saw there was options to add more horsepower so I did, when I was finished I was frustrated to see the top speed was 215 mph now, down from the original 259mph top speed. I then went to buy cars and saw that the Veyrons 16.4 speed is 10 while mine is 8.4 now, what the hell happened? Now I can't get the top speed back to what it originally was. That is really stupid, I tune it up and the top speed is now slower, looks like I will have to buy car tokens to get the Veyron again.
  2. phillkillv2


    Try and reset all of the tuning options by going to - Upgrades - press start - reset all parts to stock (Worded something like that)