My experience at an advanced flat track riding course

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    I was on an advanced flat track riding course. I had not ridden motorbikes for 2 whole years and it had been a full decade since I last rode on dirt. The 2-day course consisted on a couple of TT courses with no jumps plus a 1/8-mile oval. Day 1 was all about the slower-speed TT course. Here is my experience:
    · 1st session = 10-minutes, for some reason they put me on the faster half of the course (we were divided into two groups of 8 riders), I feel slow but the teacher of my group says I am riding great considering my no-riding time.
    · 2nd session = 10-minutes, I had a couple of half-decent laps but I crash and hit my knee hard on the slowest turn.
    · 3rd session = 10-minutes, the track is so stupidly wet that I have a fast but smooth crash on my first lap, I do not think I hurt my knee anymore but after that I ride stupidly slow due to the almost-mud.
    · 4th session = 10-minutes, the track is still wet at points so I am still slow but I am getting back on pace.
    · 5th session = 5-minutes without putting your butt on the seat, I have not ridden like this for over a decade and even then I hated it, I am the slowest of my group but there are some guys doing it worse.
    · 6th session = 5-minutes with one-hand and the left one on the tank, I am left-handed so this is the worst time ever for me, I can only do fast corners!
    · 7th session = 3-lap time trial, I decide to come out first because the swelling of my knee is starting to become very annoying. I got the 9th best total time out of 16 with fairly consistent laps.

    Then we went to have lunch and the pain started multiplying. Result? I was rushed to the hospital since I could no longer walk. 7 weeks trying to almost never use my left knee but the doctors recommend a scan (they had the machine but no one to operate it).

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    PS: This was a 2-day course and I can join to any scheduled day in the future. I WILL BE BACK!