My Experience with GT Omega

United States
United States
On November 3rd I placed an order for the GT Prime cockpit from GT Omega. The cockpit was on sale and showed that it was back ordered with stock expected on November 30th. This was no problem for me since I was expecting other items to arrive later in November as well. November 30th comes and goes and I notice the website has changed from back ordered to sold out. I also noticed that my credit card had been charged the full amount on November 4th which seemed strange as I would have expected it to be charged when items actually ship. So I reach out to GT Omega and get a prompt response saying that GT Prime cockpits are coming soon but don't know the exact date. I then look around on the internet and notice for the first time that others have been strung along by GT Omega as they wait for items to actually ship. So I start monitoring the situation much closer as I have already received all my other items and am now waiting on the cockpit to build the rig. Although any further responses I get back are prompt, they are cagy with regards to actual timing to ship.
Eventually I noticed a few days ago that the site has changed from sold out for the GT Prime cockpit to accepting orders so I get excited that they have received cockpits and that I am about to have mine ship. A few hours later I get a notice that my order is canceled due to not enough stock. Obviously I am simply shocked and quite frankly angry as the site was actually accepting new orders just a few hours earlier. I send a note and sure enough I get an apology back but the order was indeed canceled and that is that.
So I got strung along for 5 weeks with multiple inquiries telling me its coming and then get the order canceled with me completely missing out on other Black Friday sales. Pretty much everywhere I look cockpits are backordered now as well with typical wait of 2 - 3 weeks to get something.
Luckily Sim Motion had some cockpits in stock and at a reasonable price. I actually get a call back from them and have a cockpit coming the very next day from placing the order. Simply great service. (The cockpit is actually the same as the Prime but with the older pedal plate which is fine with me.)
I guess my lesson learned here is that I have to not only research the equipment but also the company selling it as well. I also ordered some equipment from Fanatec for the first time as well and have learned that they are not responsive.
I will certainly do future business with Sim Motion but will not with GT Omega. I realize that others have had good results with GT Omega but I have seen quite a few posts from people who have not. I have also had good service from Advanced Sim Racing and would gladly do business with them again as well.
If I could do it all over I think I would have ordered Simagic equipment from Sim Motion and possibly ordered my cockpit from Advanced Sim Racing. Live and learn but I figured I would post my experience as I know others look at these things before placing orders.
Good call out re Sim Motion. That is my sim racing store of choice going forward. I ordered a set of HP pedals on BF and they had them to me in less than a week.