My first drift video

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  1. Hashirya_DKM


    Hello, everyone

    Here is my first drift video. The cars used were setup for mild oversteer, as it matches my driving style, but they were not setup specifically for drifting. However, I still kinda like how it turned out. And yes, I know, I need more practice :guilty:...

    Car Settings:
    Lexus IS200(Altezza RS200) (233PS)
    Parts to buy:
    Sports Exhaust, Chip, Racing Flywheel, Carbon Driveshaft, Racing Suspension.
    Suspension Settings (F/R):
    Springs: 6.4/5.8
    Ride Hgt.:120/120
    Damper B.:3/3
    Damper R.:5/5
    Camber: 2.3/0.8
    Toe: 0/0
    Stabiliser: 3/2

    Skyline GT-R Vspec II Nur (527PS)
    Parts to buy:
    Sports Exhaust, Chip, Stage 2 Turbo, Racing Intercooler, Racing Brakes, Racing Suspension, Racing Flywheel, Twin Plate Clutch(optional) Carbon Driveshaft.
    Suspension Settings (F/R):
    Springs: 8.5/7.8
    Ride Hgt.:125/125
    Damper B.:5/4
    Damper R.:7/6
    Camber: 2.5/0.9
    Toe: 0/0
    Stabiliser: 3/2

    Mazda RX-7 Type RS (287PS)
    Parts to buy:
    Chip,Sports Intercooler, Racing Suspension, Racing Flywheel, Carbon Driveshaft.
    Suspension Settings (F/R):
    Springs: 8.6/8.2
    Ride Hgt.:115/115
    Damper B.:4/4
    Damper R.:6/6
    Camber: 2.4/0.7
    Toe: 0/0
    Stabiliser: 3/2

    All cars use N3 tires.

    Hashiriya Oniichan, a.k.a. Darkman

    Another video is here. This time it's a Honda NSX Type S Zero in El Capitan in Arcade Mode on N3s. Enjoy:

    P.S. I know there are some bad drifts in there.
  2. GT4Kyle


    hi ur alright (alot better than me) at drifting how do u do it thanks for leaving ur drift settings
  3. Fluke


    Hey there, and congrats on your first video, i like the editing it wasnt bad, and it was nice to see you using deep forest raceway, as its my personal favourite for drifting.

    You were ending your drifts a little earlier than possible though, a good technique is to brake before you turn into the corner, which shifts weight to the front, this way the angle will be much higher, and it will look better.

    Hope to see more soon, very well made.
  4. TsukubaTrueno

    TsukubaTrueno (Banned)

    You should try N2 or N1 tires. If the car has a lot of power, try N2s.
  5. Fujiwara-kun


    Congrats for the 1st vid :D

    Loved the Eurobeat Rasing Hell ;D

    Your drifting was like mine when I started :dopey:
    My cars now enter corners at 70-90mph and drift in the 70's.
    I Drift to beat grip cars using the AE86 haha (AE86 cant beat grip cars with 400+hp)

    Trail Mountain is my home for drift and second is Deep Forest

    Keep practicing! :tup: