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Overlay: 10 years ago
Cinematic: The camera sweeps over the map and ends up at the docks of the Capital City Dalato
Cinematic: Mido walks through rows of guards, Nemo behind him.
Royal Guard: His excellency, King Mido of the Imperial Dalatian empire!
Nemo: Your excellency.
Mido: At ease.
Nemo: The latest skirmish between his royal forces and the Ozuryns took place approximately 4 hours ago 25 clicks North North West of this fair city.
Nemo: Preliminary reports show 44 fatalities to our forces. Ozuryn casualties unknown.
Mido: I see. Has Xano finally got control of that monstrosity he developed?
Nemo: Not at the moment... It still wanders the highlands destroying anything it desires.
Mido: Tell him to get a leash on Pluto or answer to me personally.
Nemo: Yes, sir.
Nemo: Hm, your boat is here.
Cinematic: A boat arrives
Nemo: Are you sure you want to travel up river sir? Fighting has been reported in the area.
Mido: Then I'll join the fight. Have you forgotten my military training?
Nemo: Not at all sir. I wish you a safe journey.
Cinematic: Mido boards the boat. It sails off.
Cinematic: Skipped ahead the boat is in creepy looking water. Mist is everywhere with sharp jagged rocks coming out of the water.
Cinematic: A roar is heard along with the sound of a ship crashing and the camera goes black
Cinematic: Mido finds himself in the middle of a black forest. Creepy howling wind feels the air
Mido: Where am I?
Cinematic: A floating figure aproaches him.
Mido: What the hell!?
????: The blood of many stains your hands.
Mido: What the hell are you talking about? Stay back! Stay back!
Cinematic: Camera cuts.
Cinematic: Camera fades to Etesbure.
Overlay: 10 years later
Cinematic: We see the hero Convono in his house.
Cinematic: He keeps hearing a strange noise behind his house
Objective: Investigate noise
Cinematic: It turns out to be the Atlantean Titan
Choice A: Fight It. - Cinematic shows you charging it, you die in one hit.
Choice B: Run to ship. - Cinematic shows Convono running to the ship with it chasing him. It gets to the ship and sinks it with Convono in it.
Cinematic: You now are in the Cabin of the Mountain Giant known as Peln.
Convono: Where am I?
Peln: Relax, your hurt badly.
Peln: You were swept downstream. You must have bumped several rocks on the way down, your ribs are broken.
Peln: But you are very fortunate I found you alive.
Peln: What happened?
Convono: It was a Bioarch...
Peln: You survived a stint with a Bioarch. I'm impressed.
Peln: Where did you encounter it?
Convono: Etesbure...
Peln: I hope you don't have any family there. It's probably nothing but ashes now.
Convono: Just a friend...Ageeolo
Peln: Hopefully Dalato dispatched troops in time to pester it enough to leave before it did too much damage.
Convono: Ageeolo...
Peln: Don't worry too much about something you don't have any control over
Peln: For now, just get some rest.
Cinematic Overlay: 2 weeks later
Cinematic: Outside Peln's cabin.
Peln: Well, well, you sure are a fast healer.
Peln: Your're also very go 1 on 1 with a Bioarch and survive...
Convono: I wasn't going one on one with it. I snuck up on it...or it snuck up on me.
Peln: Downplay all you want I'll know you'll be bragging to your buddies back home about it.
Peln: You should be glad that your here with me eating fish and not the other way around with fish picking your corpse at the bottom of the river.
Peln: You got any hobbies?
Convono: Sparring. Me and my friend Angeeolo sparred alot. That guy was really competitive.
Peln: So you like swords huh. In my experience a big wood stick does the job much more efficiently.
Peln: But seeing that your into swords so much let me show you this.
Peln: *Pulls out a sword*
Peln: This is the sword of an old friend I had many years ago during the war. He was killed in battle towards the end of the war.
Peln: It's made of very strong shards from the custom dwarf mineral tyme.
Peln: It was even hand crafted in the Dwarf City Isonhol at one of their legendary refineries.
Peln: He used this weapon for 5 years during the war and not once did it ever need sharpening.
Peln: Here, take it.
ALERT: Received key item "Tyme Sword"
Convono: feels so light.
Peln: Dwarf tyme shards are some of the strongest and lightest materials on the planet.
Peln: During the Dalato and One-Ozuryn war the Dalato King Mido ordered thousands of weapons and armor made of this stuff from the Dwarf city Isonhol.
Peln: Recently in order to pay back their debt to the Dwarves Dalato has sold all of it back.
Peln: The sword you have now is one of the few of it's kind outside Isonhol walls.
Convono: Mido...
Peln: Huh?
Convono: What do you think ever really happened to Mido?
Convono: Did the Ozuryns assiasinate him?
Peln: Theres alot of rumors about that but I believe the official story.
Peln: He was in the dangerous northern waters. Theres alot of sea monsters and dangerous underwater rocks up there.
Peln: His arrogance cost him dearly. A King should never have been traveling in such conditions.
Convono: But they never found a body. Not even one scrap of the ship.
Peln: Don't believe conspiracy theorists. The waters up North have strong currents.
Peln: Anyway I have something else to give you too.
Peln: If you have a weapon, you need armor too.
Peln: This suit of armor is Ryman, from the desert city of Ryma
Peln: It's light and strong just like the sword.
Peln: Any good weapon or armor is light.
Peln: The Rymans use to only deal with One-Ozuryns during the war.
Peln: But now during this "cease fire" they deal with everyone, including Dalato
Convono: Speaking of Kingdoms, how did you end up over here in the Dalatian empire?
Convono: Where are you from originally?
Peln: My race is known as the Mountain Giants.
Peln: We are from the village Tremblei, far north of here.
Peln: My family among others became ill once the biological warfare between Dalato and the Ozuryns became intense.
Peln: Not having enough money to buy them the medicine they needed, I enlisted as a mercenary for the Dalatian army.
Peln: I sent money back for medicine and supplies.
Peln: My family evntually recovered and is fine now.
Peln: But this area grew on me and I decided to stay.
Peln: Hey! That armor looks good on you.
Peln: Your ready for war!
Convono: Yeah, what war. It's all pretty much over now.
Convono: Did you not hear? Dalato and the Ozuryns are even planning to start trading with each other.
Convono: The war was so taxing on both sides they know they must help each other to survive economically.
Convono: I think both sides decided enough was enough. They hatred they've had for each other isn't as intense as it use to be.
Convono: And the reasoning for the war was idiotic to begin with. Ozuryns were offended about Dalato not leasing land to them?
Convono: Or something stupid like that.
Peln: Maybe so. But you should always be ready.
Peln: For example, the Bioarchs still roaming this planet.
Peln: I want to go down with a fight. Thats why I got this big 'ol club in my hand 24/7.
Peln: Idiotic scientists from both sides developed those things as biological weapons....
Peln: Now they're just roaming and terrorizing the world randomly without any sense of morality or conscience.
Peln: Neither side knows how to get rid of them.
Peln: As far as they know they're immortal...
Peln: Speaking of nuisances theres been a rather large boar to the east of here that's been eating my fish and vegtables.
Peln: How about getting rid of it for me to pay back the sword and armor?
Peln: It'll give you some experience in the armor and with using the sword.
Peln: So how about it?
Convono: If I'm not back in 10 minutes come get whats left of me.
Peln: Thanks for the help!
EVENT: Convono kills the boar
Cinematic: On the way back he sees Dalato troops in front of the Giant's cabin.
Dalato Troops: Hault!
Cinematic: Their leader steps forward, its a shorter man named Gabeo
Gabeo: Who are you?!
Convono: My name is Convono, of Etesbure.
Gabeo: What is your business here?!
Convono: I've been living here with Peln, the mountain giant, here in this cabin.
Gabeo: You two make a real cute couple.
Gabeo: And as you can see he is gone.
Gabeo: He's been arrested in connection with the disappearance of princess Daelo.
Convono: With all respect sir, you have arrested an innocent man.
Convono: I have lived with the Giant for the past 2 weeks and I have not seen any princess.
Convono: He has only showed me kindess and hospitality.
Gabeo: You are so easily fooled, aren't you.
Gabeo: The Giant of which you speak is a hardened war grunt.
Gabeo: Snapping the neck of a frail princess and dumping her body into the river would be something he would not lose one minute of sleep over.
Gabeo: When we took him away he beat two of my men unconscious and a 3rd he hurled into the highest tree.
Gabeo: Guards, arrest this man too.
Convono: What? Why? I am innocent, I have done nothing wrong.
Gabeo: I know you are hiding something.
Gabeo: Nobody in the right mind would talk so highly of that disgusting brute.
Gabeo: You sound like partners in crime.
Gabeo: Take him away!
Cinematic: Camera fades showing the guards and Convono walking away.
Cinematic: Camera appears in Torrance prison. Peln and Convono's cells are next to each other.
Peln: Did they threaten to kill you?
Convono: No, why?
Peln: I was putting up a fight and they told me if I didn't go quietly they would kill you when you returned.
Convono: ...
Convono: They let you keep your club?
Peln: They couldn't pry it from my hands. They had no choice.
Peln: But Gabeo threatened to put a bullet between my eyes if I tried anything on the way over here.
Peln: I'm sorry for getting you involved in all this.
Convono: It's not your fault. Gabeo is probably arresting people just to look like he's doing something.
Peln: So the princess is missing now. Just like Mido.
Convono: That's the price of having royal blood I guess. Everyone wants to hurt you.
Peln: I hope they find her soon. If not who knows how long we could be locked up in here.
Cinematic: A young woman walks in front of Convono's cell.
????: Keep quiet.
Convono: ?
Cinematic: Freedom! Convono is teleported outside the cell.
Cinematic: ???? moves to the next cell and lets Peln out.
Convono: Who are you? Why are you helping us?
????: Never mind that for now. Let's get out of here!
Cinematic: The player controls all 3 units. On the way out they run into Gabeo.
Gabeo: Do you know how many prisoners have escaped under my watch?
Choice Dialogue A: Not many I'm sure. Gabeo: None.
Choice Dialogue B: Don't care. None. And you've just earned 40 lashes for that little smart remark.
Cinematic: Boss fight Gabeo.
Cinematic: After boss fight.
Peln: Who are you?
Darsa Volum: My name is Darsa Volum. I witnessed how you two were treated by Gabeo.
Darsa: So I decided to break into the prison and free you.
Convono: Well, we appreciate it, Darsa.
Peln: You sure stuck your neck out far for us.
Darsa: I can't stand to see innocent people suffer.
Darsa: But, lets go find an Inn to stay at here in town to hide out until mourning.
Objective: Go to Inn.
Cinematic: The next mourning.
Peln: So I guess this is goodbye Darsa. We really appreciate you helping us.
Darsa: Well...I was hoping maybe I could tag along with you two?
Peln: That won't work. Gabeo knows my name. That means he probably knows the whereabouts of my family too.
Peln: I have to go back to my hometown, Tremblei, and protect them.
Convono: I'm not sure where I go from here. I wonder where Ageeolo is...
Convono: Don't you have family to go back to, Darsa?
Darsa: Not really. Right now I'm just traveling the world, going from job to job...
Convono: Well, I really should go back to Etesbure and look for Ageeolo.
Darsa: Convono...Etesbure is gone.
Convono: What? What do you mean?
Darsa: A Bioarch destroyed it a couple of weeks ago. There were no survivors.
Convono: ....
Darsa: I'm sorry.
Convono: No survivors...what did the Dalato army do?
Darsa: There was nothing they could do.
Darsa: By the time they got there the Bioarch was long gone and the town was in ruin.
Darsa: Was Ageeolo your brother?
Convono: No, just a friend I've known for...a couple of years.
Darsa: Again, I'm sorry...
Peln: So what now?
Convono: Somebody has to stop those things.
Darsa: The best military forces in the world can't...
Convono: But somebody has to stop them.
Darsa: ...
Peln: I have to get going. Every minute I wait here is a minute Gabeo and his goons have on me.
Convono: Well, I guess this is it, Peln. Thank you again for all you've done for me.
Peln: Anytime. I hope you get revenge on the btrds who destroyed your home town.
Peln: We may see each other again. Fairwell.
Darsa: Bye.
Convono: Bye.
Cinematic: Peln leaves
Darsa: So what now?
Convono: We find a way to kill those things.
Darsa: They're pretty much immortal. So what did you have in mind?
Convono: I haven't thought that far ahead yet.
Darsa: The best plan Dalato has come up with so far is to trap them in a large hole
Convono: That sounds stupid. And it doesn't kill them.
Darsa: But its the best idea anyone has come up with.
Convono: Darsa...that name isn't Dalatian. Where are you from anyway?
Darsa: The far, far north.
Convono: Why are you down here?
Darsa: I got tired of the harsh winters. I wanted more of a mild climate.
Convono: Do you have Bioarch problems up North?
Darsa: Of course. Everyone has Bioarch problems.
Darsa: We just learn how to avoid them and build in areas out in the open where they dont like to go.
Convono: Who knows the most about Bioarchs in this part of the world?
Darsa: That would definitely be Xano, the head of scientific research for the Dalato Empire.
Darsa: He essentially created them, afterall.
Convono: Some conscience he must have...
Convono: We have to talk to him.
Darsa: And ask him what?
Convono: How to kill them.
Darsa: It's not that simple. And what is one person going to do an army couldn't?
Convono: I don't know. Yet.
Convono: But we gotta do something.
Darsa: Well I guess I can tag along. I dont got anything better to do.
Convono: Thanks. I think we'll make a good team.
Darsa: No offense Convono, but I think we need at least 3.
Darsa: You know theres a reason why its the THREE musketeers and THREE stooges.
Convono: Umm...OK.
Darsa: Theres a barrack on the east side of town that's home to alot of ex-soldiers looking for work.
Darsa: I'm sure one of them would like to go traveling with us.
Convono: Sounds good. Lets go!
Darsa: Uh, one thing.
Convono: What?
Darsa: I keep track of the gold.
Convono: haha, let's go.
OBJECTIVE: Go to Barracks and find 3rd party member.
Cinematic: We see Ranger for the first time.
Ranger: How can I help you two?
Convono: We're seeking a 3rd member to our party to travel to Dalato. Are you interested?
Ranger: I can't just jump up and leave this town you know. I'm it's mayor!
Darsa: You're the mayor?
Ranger: What, do I not look like a mayor?
Ranger: I make a killing off this town.
Ranger: You have no idea how much money I make off those fake ruins and fake dig sites.
Ranger: Tourists are such suckers.
Darsa: Somebody will eventually find out you are cheating them. And things might get ugly.
Ranger: Nah. Tourists are dumb. Even if they found out it was all fake they wouldn't care.
Darsa: Let's go, Convono.
Convono: Wait.
Convono: We need a 3rd member. Gold and glory await us.
Ranger: Gold and glory? What the hell are you talking about.
Convono: We're going to kill the Bioarchs.
Ranger: Ahahaha are you serious? Is this some sort of joke?
Darsa: Convono...
Convono: No joke. We're traveling to Dalato to talk to the man who developed them.
Convono: Some scientist named Xano.
Ranger: You really are serious aren't you.
Ranger: Well, I guess I'd rather die fighting legendar beasts rather then getting stabbed in the back by an unhabby tourist.
Convono: You won't regret it.
Ranger: I never have regrets.
Ranger: guys hungry for some pork? I've had this pig rosting here just long enough.
Darsa: You can't be serious.
Ranger: Never had pig on a stick?
Convono: Let's go. Dalato is Northeast of here. We need to find a man there named Xano.
Convono: Before we go we should make sure we're stocked up on as much items as we can afford.
OBJECTIVE: Find Xano in Dalato.
Cinematic: Xano's science office is near many high tech buildings.
Intercom: Who are you and what do you want?
Convono: My name is Convono. I'm here to talk to Xano.
Intercom: What business do you have with Xano?
Convono: I would like to discuss the Bioarchs with him.
Intercom: ......
Intercom: Come in.
Xano: Welcome. My name is Xano.
Convono: My name is Convono. This is Darsa and Ranger.
Convono: We're here to talk Bioarchs.
Xano: I see.
Convono: Tell us everything.
Xano: 20 years ago the war between Dalato and the Ozuryns was just beginning.
Xano: As a young Dalatian scientist I wanted to make a big impression on the world.
Xano: All scientists dream of making that one discovery that cements our name in the history books forever.
Xano: My dream was to give Dalato a weapon that could win the war and I would be soley responsible.
Xano: I had been working on bioengineering animals with the help of the remains of alien technology.
Xano: Alien technology from several crash sites across the globe.
Xano: The technology increased their rate of growth as much as 25x.
Xano: The bioengineered animals were also extremely strong and intelligent.
Xano: I named them "Bioarchs" because their DNA had a strange arch to it.
Xano: One day however new specimens began to grow plates of armor.
Xano: Then one experiment on a wolf resulted in an abomination with 3 heads.
Xano: I should have listened to the warning signs but eager to make a name for myself I pushed forward.
Xano: It was all for nothing as Ozuryn spies eventually stole all my secrets.
Xano: When I was ordered by then King Mido to terminate the speciments I learned a shocking truth.
Xano: They could not be killed. They only grew stronger and stronger before escaping.
Xano: One-Ozuryn's specimens escaped too...
Xano: At present I think 3, maybe 4 roam the world. Who knows anyway...
Convono: How do you kill them?
Xano: Did you not hear anything I just said?
Xano: They can't be killed.
Convono: There has to be a way.
Xano: You have no idea what your dealing with do you.
Xano: These monsters are the product of alien technology thousands of years advanced beyond ours.
Convon: But they're part animal, aren't they? That has to make part of them weak.
Xano: ....
Xano: Well, I think you all should be going now.
Cinematic: Large noise. A speciment breaks loose.
Ranger: Look at that!
Convono: Watch out!
BATTLE with boss.
Cinematic: Boss is killed.
Xano: Science is a dangerous job.
Ranger: When your careless.
Ranger: You tampered with things you didnt know the power of for glory.
Ranger: The whole world will probably suffer forever because of your selfish acts.
Xano: Maybe so.
Xano: But I like the fighting spirit you three show. There isn't enough of that around here.
Xano: But for now I'll have to ask you to leave.
Darsa: I can't believe he just threw us out like that after we saved his butt!
Ranger: Unbelieveable! He should treat tourists better then that!
Convono: ....
Ageeolo: Convono!
Convono: Ageeolo!
Ageeolo: I thought you were gone for sure!
Convono: I can't believe it's you!
Ageeolo: Amazing isn't it! What a chance meeting.
Ageeolo: So, introduce me to your friends.
Convono: This is Darsa and this is Ranger.
Ageeolo: Nice to meet you two. But why are you hanging around THIS guy?
Convono: We're out for revenge against the Bioarchs for what it did to our home town.
Ageeolo: You're still angry over that? Etesbure was a slum. Its good its gone.
Convono: Alot of people died. What about that?
Ageeolo: That's not my problem. Bioarchs are part of life. They kill people and ruin cities. That's life.
Convono: Help us do something about it.
Ageeolo: Theres nothing you can do about it. Do you not think Dalato is pouring tons of resources into fighting those things?
Ageeolo: Who are you? You're nobody.
Convono: I thought I knew you better then that.
Ageeolo: I guess not. And I feel sorry for those people traveling with you.
Ageeolo: You'll probably get them killed with your nonsense.
Ageeolo: Peace out.
Cinematic: Ageeolo leaves.
Darsa: THAT is your friend?
Convono: He's always been a bit of a jerk.
Convono: Anyways, forget him. What do we do now?
Ranger: Let's go visit Etesbure. I've never seen a city after a Bioarch attack.
Ranger: And maybe there will be, you know, clues or something there.
Darsa: We can go there, true.
Darsa: But how about a small plains town called Granberry south west of here?
Ranger: Granberry? What can be possibly be useful in Granberry?
Darsa: A retired general of the Dalatian army lives there now.
Darsa: He thought the Bioarchs for years before retiring.
Darsa: Maybe he can tell us something.
Ranger: That sounds like an idea.
Convono: I agree. Lets go to Granberry.
Objective: Go to Granberry.
CINEMATIC: At Granberry a Cyclops is threatening a villager.
Cyclops: You know the deal. 1,000 gold coins a month and I will offer this town my protection.
Villager: We dont need your protection. We're at peace here.
Cyclops: You need my protection when I SAY you need my protection.
Villager: We will not be pushed around by ghastly overgrown bullies like yourself.
Cyclops: I see you don't get it. Maybe if I bash your head in you'll get it.
CINEMATIC: Cyclops picks up villager and throws it.
Convono: Hey!
Cyclops: Hey what? You best mind your own business if you dont want your head bashed in too.
Ranger: The only thing thats going to get bashed in is your eye you freak!
Cyclops: After I'm done pounding both of you into the ground I'm going to hang your corpses upside down from that tree over there.
Cyclops: Then I'm taking your little girlfriend down to Capetown where I'll sell her for a pretty penny.
Darsa: In your dreams moron!
Cyclops: Come get some!
CINEMATIC: After Cyclops defeat
Darsa: The name of the retired General is Nemo. Find him and talk to him.
Ranger: General Nemo?
Nemo: You know my name? How?
Darsa: Um...this man here's name is Convono. He has something he wants to ask you.
Convono: Yes. I want to know how to kill a Bioarch.
Nemo: That's something I've wondered about for over 10 years.
Nemo: Why are you so desparate to kill one?
Convono: It ruined my hometown of Etesbure, killing many in the process.
Nemo: That's too bad. It's estimated half the cities in the world have been destroyed by Bioarchs...
Convono: Thats why we gotta do something about it.
Nemo: I understand why your angry, but you have to think this out logically.
Convono: What do you mean?
Nemo: You with just your weapons cannot defeat these creatures.
Nemo: My team of scientists and engineers decided trapping them one by one in a large hole was the best plan.
Nemo: I know it sounds silly, but it was our only option as our weapons did not pierce it's armor.
Nemo: How do you think that plan went? It failed miserably.
Nemo: Not only are the Bioarchs extremely powerful, they're also extremely smart.
Nemo: No trap worked and the plan was a waste of time.
Nemo: I retired soon afterwards embarassed of my failure to stop the monsters.
Convono: So what can we do?
Nemo: I've been thinking of a plan, but it will require great sacrifice to accomplish.
Convono: What do you mean?
Nemo: The Bioarchs were developed with alien technology found at a UFO crash site.
Nemo: We need to find the crash site and search for anything that we might be able to use as a weapon against the Bioarchs.
Nemo: Only alien technology can destroy alien technology.
Convono: Where is the crash site?
Nemo: In the middle of this continent there is a large swamp.
Nemo: The UFO crashed there. I was one of the first to go investigate...
Nemo: There were two beings still intact in the spacecraft.
Nemo: One was dead, the other dying.
Nemo: When extrating both the injured one escaped...
Nemo: Xano took the DNA from the dead alien.
Nemo: At the crash site there were several strange black orbs...
Nemo: Xano didn't think much of them and decided to leave them.
Nemo: I'm sure they're still there. If you can find just one we can possibly weaponize it.
Convono: So we need to go to the crash site and find one of the orbs?
Nemo: Yes. It shouldn't take too much searching to find an orb.
Darsa: Well, lets get going.
Nemo: Once you find the orb be sure to bring it back here to me.
Ranger: Aliens...
Convono: Lets go.
OBJECTIVE: Retrieve orb from crash site in swamp.
CINEMATIC: At crash site.
????: Who are you and what do you want with us?
Convono: We're here to search the crash site.
????: Are you with the Dalatian army?
Convono: No, none of that.
Darsa: We're looking for a particular piece of the ship...a black orb.
????: And you want to weaponize it. I'm sure.
Darsa: We're going to use it to destroy the Bioarchs.
????: And I'm suppose to just trust your word?
????: Me and my people have been guarding the ruins of the craft that fell from the sky for over 10 years now.
????: Protecting it's technology from those would only use it to kill and destroy.
????: Now you say you want part of it for a weapon.
????: Have you not seen what this technology has done to the planet already?
????: The Bioarchs terrorize humanity.
????: And now there is the virus.
Ranger: Virus?
????: You mean you don't know?
????: Haha. They really do keep you in the dark.
????: When this spacecraft crashed here it's fuel, made of an unknown substance, leaked into the atmosphere.
????: The highly condensed fuel eventually dissolved into the clouds, into the rain.
????: Eventually almost everyone on the planet came into contact with the fuel.
????: 70% of the world's population has the virus, which comes from the fuel.
????: Dalato thinks the craft crashed here only 10 years ago...the truth is it's been here for over 1000 years
Ranger: I'm calling ******** on that story.
????: Is the truth really that hard to accept?
Ranger: The aliens in the ship were still alive when Nemo and others found them.
????: These space aliens have life spans different then ours.
????: We may live 70 or 80 years. They live 70 or 80 centuries and cannot be easily killed.
????: Locked inside the spacecraft for 1000 years, unable to die...going on in anguish...
Ranger: You are so full of it it's not even funny.
????: I'm sorry the truth is not so sweet and easy to accept.
Darsa: You say 70% of humans have this virus.
Darsa: If we do have it, then what are the side effects? Everyone I know feels fine.
????: The virus had devastated humanity more then you could ever know.
Ranger: Really? This is too good. Like how?
????: 70% of humans on the planet have alien DNA in them.
????: The DNA fragments usually manifest themselves in the limbs...
Ranger: I've heard enough of this nonsense.
Ranger: Give us the orbs. Don't make me ask twice.
Convono: No need to get angry.
Convono: May I ask your name?
????: Coraline. My name is Coraline.
Convono: Coraline, my name is Convono.
Convono: A few weeks ago my hometown was destroyed by a Bioarch.
Convono: I want revenge. And I need the orb for my revenge.
Coraline: Revenge. You clearly are unable to think right when your emotions are skewed by thoughts of revenge.
Convono: Killing the Bioarchs will only do humanity good.
Convono: You know that.
Coraline: At what cost? Fight fire with fire?
Convono: If thats what it takes.
Coraline: Your emotions are speaking. Not your head.
Convono: We're not leaving here without the orbs.
Coraline: Suppose I give you the orbs. What will you do with them?
Convono: General Nemo will take care of that.
Coraline: Hahaha General Leo.
Coraline: You trust him? He slaughtered my people to get to the crash site.
Convono: ....
Coraline: Don't look so shocked.
Convono: It doesnt matter. Give me the orb.
Darsa: Convono...
Coraline: He's blinded by thoughts of revenge.
Coraline: I will not give you the orb.
Ranger: Give us the dmn orb!
Darsa: Maybe this wasn't such a good idea.
Coraline: Listen to the girl.
Ranger: No, you listen to me.
Ranger: Give us the orb now or we will tear this place apart and find it ourselves.
Coraline: Such a silly man.
Coraline: Do you think I will risk more harm to this planet and it's inahbitants to fulfill some revenge scenario?
CINEMATIC: Coraline is shot be General Nemo.
Convono: What did you do!
Nemo: Stupid tribal people never learn do they.
Darsa: She did nothing to anybody!
Nemo: Except stop you from finding the orb.
Ranger: You're a sick man. How can you shoot somebody in the back.
Nemo: Killing becomes easier the more you do it.
Convono: Leave. I dont ever wants to see your face again.
Nemo: That's not your choice, is it!
Coraline: ...haha....
Darsa: Coraline!
Coraline: The's inside that house....destroy it and its yo...ur...s...
Ranger: So what do we do now?
Darsa: We have the orb...but what do we do with it?
Darsa: I dont think any of us know how to use alien technology.
Ranger: Say, does anyone think all that she said about alien viruses and things...
Ranger: Anyone think any of that is true?
Darsa: No way to really tell. Why would she lie?
Ranger: Maybe to scare us off away from the orb.
Convono: I know.
Ranger: You know what?
Convono: There is a Ozuryn scientist who teaches a college at a city at the far Southern part of this continent.
Convono: The city's name is Colleyn.
Convono: It's a coastal fishing town.
Convono: The name of the Ozuryn scientist is ... Edwyn
Ranger: Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go
OBJECTIVE: Find Ozuryn scientist Edwyn
CINEMATIC: Arrive at Colleyn
CINEMATIC: TWO large cyclops are in the middle of the city.
Rodney: I can't believe somebody wasted Buckley!
Billiard: He didn't deserve that!
Rodney: All he wanted to do was offer protection to those idiot farmers.
Rodney: And they killed him.
Billiard: I tell you he didn't deserve that!
Rodney: If I ever find the fools who dare mess with our kind I'll rip them apart!
Rodney! Limb by limb!
Billiard: Look! It's them! They're the ones who killed Buckley!
Rodney: Are you sure?!
Billiard: They look just like what Nemo described.
Rodney: Oh well, if it isn't them then at least we got the chance to kill again.
Rodney: Can't go too long without killing. Makes you lose your edge.
Rodney: Well strangers, your life ends today!
Rodney!: For Buckley!
CINEMATIC: You beat them.
Convono: Let's hope that's the last of them.
Darsa: I can't stand those guys. Bird brains.
Rainger: What was the name of the scientist again?
Convono: Edwyn. He should be around here somewhere.
Convono: Let's find him.
CINEMATIC: Found Edwyn
Edwyn: Can I help you?
Ranger: We know all about the aliens, the viruses, all that bull you governments have hidden from us.
Edwyn: And?
Ranger: And? What do you think about this?
Convono: Shows him the black orb
Edwyn: I did you get past the guardians?
Ranger: What guardians? You mean one 'ol lady?
Edwyn: That swamp is filled with thousands of guardians who protect that spacecraft.
Edwyn: It took Dalato years before they could penatrate it enough to get to the craft...
Edwyn: How did you get so close?
Convono: You mean Coraline could have had us killed at any moment...
Edwyn: Yes. But she let you have the orb. You must have seen something in you.
Convono: She knows I'm going to use this orb to destroy the Bioarchs.
Convono: And I need your help. How do we weaponize it?
Edwyn: That won't be easy...or simple...or cheap.
Darsa: What do you mean it won't be cheap?
Edwyn: The process needed to synthesize this orb into useable energy is very expensive...
Edwyn: 1,000,000 gold coins minimum.
Ranger: A million gold coins...
Convono: We dont have that type of money.
Edwyn: Of course you don't.
Edwyn: But you're very fortunate....
Edwyn: The One-Ozuryn King is offering a 1,000,000 gold coin reward
Darsa: 1,000,000 gold coins for what?
Edwyn: I'm not sure of the details...just heard about it.
Edwyn: You'll have to go to the empire and get the details there.
Convono: How do we know if you can get this to work with a million gold coins?
Edwyn: You have no choice, do you? Hehehehe.
Ranger: You better be glad we need you jerk face.
Ranger: Lets go guys. To the One-Ozuryn capital we go.
Darsa: 1,000,000 gold coins. I wonder what for?. ....
OBJECTIVE: Go find what the reward is about in southern island of One-Ozuryn.
CINEMATIC: In the royal palace
Jackelyn: Are you crazy! You can't just marrry me to anyone!
Demoreyn: Just deal with it. Whoever can kill a dragon is worthy to marry my daughter.
Jackelyn: This whole king and queen and fixed marriage stuff is sooo stupid!
Laylyn: Me and your father were married through a fixed marriage.
Laylyn: And look how happy we are now. 25 years of marriage and counting.
Jackelyn: That is sooo old school. Nobody does that anymore. Fixed marriages are a thing of the past!
Demoreyn: Some things from the past can still be helpful today.
Demoreyn: Marrying whoever can slay the dragon means you wont be marrying a slouch.
Demoreyn: When he gets 1 million gold coins in reward he'll be rich as well.
Jackelyn: What if some sleazeball bum kills the dragon? What then, huh?
Demoreyn: That won't happen. 50 men have already died trying.
Demoreyn: An everyday man won't stand a chance against the dragon's fire breath.
Laylyn: Relax darling. I've already tasked the finest Ozuryn warriors to slay this dragon.
Laylyn: You will be marrying one of One-Ozuryn's finest.
Jackelyn: What if he's ugly?
Laylyn: You will find that after some time in marriage looks do not matter anymore.
Laylyn: Its what inside that matters.
Laylyn: Looks will make you happy with your mate for a while...then you'll hate him if he's not a good person.
Jackelyn: Yeah right. Looks matter and you know it.
Jackelyn: I can never love somebody if I dont like how they look.
Laylyn: Falling in love with how someone looks is infactuation, at best.
Jackelyn: Both of you are sooo out of touch!
Demoreyn: You will have a fine husband.
Demoreyn: I have my word to the people of the land.
Demoreyn: Kill the flying dragon, and bring me back it's heart as proof.
Demoreyn: Then 1 million gold coins will be yours, as well as the hand of my only daughter in marriage.
Cinematic: Shows party.
Convono: So thats the deal. Kill the dragon for the money.
Ranger: And the princess.
Darsa: So which of you is going to marry her? hahaha
Convono: I'm more worried about not getting killed by this thing.
Ranger: Did you hear what he said? It's killed 50 of his finest men already.
Convono: So...any ideas on how to kill a bloodthirsty flying dragon?
Ranger: How about an arrow right between the eyes...
Convono: Dragon scales are incredibly arrow would bounce of it.
Darsa: We will need some sort of plan...we will have to outsmart it.
Ranger: Yeah, dragons may be tough but I'm sure they're dumb.
Darsa: Look at that!
CINEMATIC: The dragon attacks the city
Convono: Run!!
Cinematic: the dragon leaves
Convono: Let's go talk to Edwyn for advice
Ranger: I really don't want to talk to that idiot.
Convono: We have no choice.
INSTRUCTIONS: Go talk to Edwyn about how to kill a dragon.
Edwyn: What did you have to do for the money?
Convono: Kill a dragon here on this continent.
Edwyn: I see. No wonder nobody has claimed the prize yet.
Convono: So how do we kill it?
Edwyn: Seeing that you are grounded and it is flying puts you at a major disadvantage already.
Edwyn: Your going to need a plan.
Convono: Do you have a plan?
Edwyn: Blow it out of the sky.
Darsa: How do you plan to do that? You got a rocket or something?
Edwyn: No, of course not.
Edwyn: But I do know of an abandoned shed near the dragon that the Ozuryn empire stored explosives in.
Edwyn: Lead the dragon above the shed and blow it. The blast should reach the dragon in the air and kill it.
Ranger: How are we suppose to "lead" it?
Edwyn: Get it's attention and have it chase you.
Ranger: That's the best idea you can come up with?
Edwyn: Do you have a better one?
Ranger: And if the blast doesnt kill it we're dead aren't we?
Edwyn: 1 million coins are worth the risk.
Ranger: That's easy for you to say. You're not the one out there.
Edwyn: Are you taking my offer or leaving it?
Darsa: Well, what do you guys think?
Convono: It's risky but it sounds like it will work.
Ranger: Can't we just kill the thing some other way?
Edwyn: This dragon is over 200 years old.
Edwyn: I'm sure if there were easy ways of killing it the prize would have been won by now.
Convono: Let's just do it.
Darsa: I agree. I think it will work.
Ranger: Think? Are you guys nuts? Think isn't good enough.
Convono: You have a better plan?
Ranger: That doesn't matter. I'm not risking my life like this.
Convono: Dont be so scared.
Ranger: Watch it, punk.
Ranger: OK, I'll go. But if things get hairy don't expect me to go out of my way to help you.
Convono: I won't need your help.
Ranger: You better hope so.
Darsa: Lets get going...
Edwyn: Here is the detonator to the shed.
Edwyn: Go to the dragon's nest on top of the hill.
Edwyn: Get it's attention and have it chase you to the shed.
Edwyn: When it flies over the shed blow it.
Edwyn: Got it? Then get going.
OBJECTIVE: Go to dragon's den and lead it to the abandon shed to blow it up.
CINEMATIC: You see dragon eggs. You destroy them.
CINEMATIC: The dragon shows up.
Ranger: Here it is! Hurry to the shed!
CINEMATIC: Out of nowhere Ageeolo appears and shoots it out of hte sky.
Convono: Ageeolo!
Ageeolo: Convono, so we meet again.
Convono: You killed it!
Ageeolo: Duh. Of course I killed it. Now the prize money is mine.
Ageeolo: Boy I wish I could take a picture of your face right now. Priceless.
Convono: We need that money.
Ageeolo: You and how many others?
Ageeolo: You sound like rotten grapes. What a baby. You've always been a baby.
Ageeolo: Well, time for me to go collect my prizes.
Ageeolo: I bet that princess is something else!
Ageeolo: Later losers!
Ranger: I can't believe that azzhole!
Convono: It's over now. We needed that money to weaponize the orb...
Darsa: Maybe Edwyn knows another way to weaponize it?
Convono: He's going to laugh us away.
Darsa: No he won't. He's interseted in military stuff.
Darsa: I'm sure he wants to see what this orb can do as much as any of us.
Darsa: Lets go talk to him one more time.
Ranger: Dam...we have no choice.
Convono: Lets go...
OBJECTIVE: Go meet up with Edwyn again.
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