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    So! I have a couple complaints and a lot of goods with Gt6 before I put it up in the shelf and wait for the updates to come. (if you know what I mean)
    Lets start at the beginning.

    I saw GT6 on the website in june, and I automatically knew I was going to get it because I lved Gt5, but It had some problems, and I was hoping this will change a lot of these issues and all that stuff. So I went ahead and preordered it, with the anniversary edition.

    So I wait months to come and I am getting more excited by the millesecond every day until the big news came and I got SUPER excited!. So when the day finaly came I got it and I was super impressed at the start. I played for probably a week STRAIGHT and then I played it about 2 hours a day for about another 3 weeks on and off. Most of it just getting through the races and getting through National A or which ever one is highest next to S class.

    Then the rest was messing around having fun with my small garage of cars.

    I have one BIG problem. and if they fixed it I would play for a LOOOONG time. I bet you all see this coming. Yep. The car sounds.

    I am a car lover. I always have. Mostly because I love hearing the engines. It really makes or breaks a racing game for me.
    The reason I played GT6 for so long is because I looked over it because I absolutely LOVE this physics!(I play with a wheel) They are awesome! and the graphice? Stellar! So I was forced to love it in my mind because I have been Hyping it up for so long. ( you see what Im sayin?)

    So I got bored. and I got Need for speed Most wanted for some fun. I played that even more than GT6 and then I got Transformers Fall of Cybertron because eI wanted a shooter and I love transformers.
    So GT6 went On the shelf and then recently I got NFS Rivals! Which is awesome.

    Don't get me wrong I am a GT6 fanboy and I love the series with all of my heart.

    PD fix the car sounds please. It made the Game a bit boring and a Bunch of my friends did the Exact same thing as me and now Me and my buddies play NFS rivals a lot.

    Thanks for listening to my story and Im sorry if it was a bit pointless but I had to get it off my chest.
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    I sometimes wonder how someone can say bad sounds don't affect their enjoyment of the game.
    I could understand if they said that about inaccuracy, no everyone knows the difference between one v8 or v10 or v12 and another but I'm sure most know the difference between a real car and whatever GT gives us.

    Btw, this will probably get moved to the FIX the SOUND THREAD or get deleted.
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    It would be nice to have proper sounds but to me there are several other things that are more important. Sounds would be nice but would not have any effect on me playing more or less than now. Better online features, proper leaderboards, these would add a lot to the game with or without any sound changes as would the track creator especially the GPS tool which could be awesome.

    NFS Most wanted? Nope I could not play that for long at all, that game was kinda cool back in the 90s when it first came out [wasn't actually called most wanted, Hot Pursuit I think but same thing] but has been done to death since then and frankly I have never been a fan of the traffic and hot pursuit and especially the arcade physics of it all. 90 degree turn at 200 mph 180 at full speed in slow motion and such.
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    all i can say is... NFS rivals is really disappointing and most wanted (for the record, 12.5 MILLION SP!) was the most fun ive had with NFS since... well, the original most wanted! anyway, cool story bro (im not being a troll), its the first review ive seen for GT6 that is A: mostly positive with CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, and 2: almost exactly the same what i thought about the game! not pointless by my standards!

    the only thing is, why the second thread???
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