My GT7 design brief.

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    It's the end of the year, I have literally nothing to do at the moment, so I am gong to mind dump. This is all conjecture. I don't expect PD to do any of this, but maybe something in here will resonate with the community and it MIGHT make it's way into the game. These are broad comments that rest more on systems rather than specific features.

    The Cars:

    I, for one, loved the original GT's for PS1. I loved being able to upgrade cars but, over time, that element seemed to lose relevance. Now however, I think it's time to bring it back. Make the vehicle system so that cars can be upgraded to certain (limited) classes, and allowing for a bit of "tuning" (aka BoP) within these various classes.

    stock weight = stock = cannot change classes
    Tuned Level 1 = qualifies from tuned car races = adds fully adjustable suspension automatically = Can move up or down 1 class
    weight reduction 2 = qualifies for "showroom stock" races = adds adjustable diff automatically = Can move up or down 2 classes, only against other tuned cars.
    weight reduction 3 = GR4 = opens up adjustable transmission automatically
    Race Car modification 1 = GR3
    Race Car modification 2 = GR2

    First off, I want to say that I am not suggesting a lock out of adjustable suspension, etc. I am just saying that it's included in the upgrade.

    My thought is this. BoP for street cars is a disaster because there is too much to balance. With the N classes being determined by their Power, you get cars moving around various classes and making a mess of the BoP's within that class, not that they are that great anyway. I would not allow cars to switch classes when they are stock and limiting their movement when upgraded. Also, limiting their competition.

    My idea with the weight reductions is that it is a gate for different car classes. You can get more mileage out of some events if there are different versions based on different levels of tune. For instance, the stars and stripes event could have 1 version for stock cars, 1 for mildly tuned, and 1 for more tuned.

    Weight reduction 3/ GR4 - Why not? Let's face it, GR4 cars are essentially factory built tuner cars that are very close to stock, so why not open it up? I don't think there is going to be a whole lot of uproar over the accuracy of the GR4 class. No one minds the Bugatti.

    Race Mod 1/GR3 - I put this and the GR 2 mod in here for a specific reason that is unrelated to the GR4 upgrade. IMHO, there needs to be a return to having certain cars locked out by winning a campaign event. I think it's fine to have them available for purchase after the unlock, but they should be behind an achievement wall. I would increase the desirability of for cars, like the Nismo GTR, by having the GR3 and GR 2 versions of that car exist as upgrades to the base car (like the good old days). I would, again, allow a purchase after the upgrade is completed, kind of like an Easter Egg.

    Oh and I would make all cars adhere to basic rules of the GR classes btw. So, something like the GR3 Beetle would not have 20-something inch wheels on 30 series rubber. It would have to have the same wheel and tire combo as the real GR3 cars so it doesn't break the illusion. Like the GR3 RCZ, It's fits right in there despite being a fantasy. This can be used to add more cars to the GR classes, like a GR3 Bugatti for instance (which I am still not sure why we don't have that in Sport)


    Disclaimer: I won't get into the single player because, frankly, racing against the computer doesn't interest me. All they need to do is have AI mimic what I am about to describe and it'll be fine. (just my opinion)

    I have been saying since the outset that the campaign needs to have a multiplayer side. Just as we had a A spec and a B spec, there needs to be a "Sport" spec. Everyone has been up in arms saying that there isn't enough people to fill out Sport Mode, but I believe "Sport Mode" could be so much more than the quick races we have now.

    If you want to "quick race" hit a quick race button and it will give you a choice of 3 events from what's on tap. None that require tuning.

    Sport Mode, in my mind, should be ranked, BoP versions of the single player with limited tuning that varies depending on the event. So, some no tuning, some allowing suspension tuning, some allowing everything. This would be a little more closely tied to the cars as mentioned above, but also, naturally limited as well. For instance, Stars and Stripes would remain an All American car series.

    Bring back spec racing for each manufacturer, and maybe even a few of them per manufacturer. Schedule the spec races on a rotation. I would do a different region per month. So, cars from the "Americas" one month, cars from Europe the next month, Asia the third month, then back to America. Spec races have no tuning.

    The races would still be on a schedule, but there would be more to choose from at any one time. They would essentially supplant the current Sport Mode. So, where you have Race A now, there would be a schedule of races in the beginner class. Race B would be Amateur. Race C pro.

    Some events would be a non-linear series. Some will be a multi-race championship.

    Have actual endurance event as well! They might still not be the most popular, but I would do them if they were multiplayer. Racing for an hour or more against the AI is like sticking a fork in my eye.

    Also, at least for some of the events, have the track line up change. That way each event isn't the same series of tracks over and over in the same order.

    The reality is that I have a garage FILLED with cars and most of them have never turned a wheel because single player is boring (IMHO) and the lobbies are mismanaged for the most part. This has been the car since GT5. It's always been hard to find good with cars at either end of the performance spectrum. Back in GT 5-6 is was the 400-450 PP cars on street tires that was like the white Rhino. Same with anything about 550PP on street tires.

    Have you ever hopped onto the server and tried to find GOOD racing with the La Ferrari or Veneno? I may as well be searching for Bigfoot. I hear that exists too, but I have never seen it.

    A proper multiplayer campaign will create relevance for the entire garage! Also, I believe the DR and SR system is robust enough that this "Sport Mode" campaign can support keeping friends together. Have a "show events with friends" button and allow people to get into those rooms and allow friends to stay together despite what their DR and SR may be. It will balance itself out over time. IMHO, if done right, this will supplant the random lobbies we have now.

    GT Auto

    This has always been a sore spot with me. How, just HOW, can a game about cars (the "CAR"PG) have such a massive failure on the car culture front? A big part of car culture revolves around wheels, tires, and "stance", which some of you young guys might be surprised to know was a term used for a long time regarding how a car sits.

    REALLY allow for +1 and + 2 set ups. Allow us to put properly wider tires on the cars, HAVE THE WIDE TIRES AFFECT HANDLING FFS!!!!!!!!!!

    Toss some proper body kits in there too. It's not that hard. I'm not asking for chopping the roof off of cars.

    And, again, make some event for these cars to give this some real purpose!

    I could go on and on...It's all just a wish. I honestly don't expect that PD will do anything that I've stated. It's not their thing. What we'll get is 8K resolution and .... ya, that's about it. It will be an 8K resolution version of GT6 with Sport Mode instead of Quick Race. :'(

    My two bits. OK PD, you have about a year to make some of this come true and about 3 years to use it for whatever comes after GT7
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