My instructions for making a Ferrari F40 (sort of) without a gameshark

Discussion in 'GT2 Settings & Tunings' started by Brangeta, Jan 30, 2005.

  1. Brangeta


    This isn't a hybrid, I tried making it a hybrid, but found it surprisingly easier to just use what the game provides.

    -Buy a red Venturi 400
    -buy turbo stage 1, racing muffler, race chip, port polish, and engine balance
    -you now have 476 hp (real F40 has 478)
    -buy full racing transmission
    -go to the max speed test or something and edit the gears
    -start by setting the auto setting to 16
    -then change gears 1 through 5
    1- 2.770
    2- 1.710
    3- 1.230
    4- 0.960
    5- 0.770
    - hit x (ok)
    -now change the final gear to 2.900

    Congratulations! You now have basically as close as you can get to a Ferrari F40 in this game without switching the twin turbo V6 to a twin turbo V8.

    your car:
    0-60: 4.3
    1/4 mile (400m): 12.412

    real ferrari f40:
    0-60: 3.8
    1/4 mile: 11.8

    if you want it to be even more accurate, play around with tranmission parts like the clutch and flywheel.

    a racing flywheel and triple plate clutch will give you 3.95 and 11.943 which is really close! The flywheel seems to destroy some of the cool sound from the engine at low rpms, but I guess if you want it to be closer to accurate, use the racing flywheel.
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    Good settings. I'll have to try those later. ;)

    You should change the title of this thread because you aren't really making a Ferrari. Its more like giving the settings for Ferrari-like preformance. ;)
  3. Brangeta


    Well, it is about as close as you can get to a Ferrari in the game. I've thought about giving the Datsun 240Z a slightly more powerful engine and making it into a Ferrari of the same time period, perhaps a 250 GTO? I don't really know older Ferraris that well. The Venturi 300 would make a good 348 or 355 Ferrari if you gave it a Lotus Esprit engine with the gameshark, but I haven't tried it. I think the 348 and 355 might be turbo-charged too so that engine might not be best.
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    Cosmic (Banned)

    Haha...gotta try it out :D
  5. Brangeta


    Alright, I made a F355/348 out of the Venturi 300. It sounds really good! I'm not going to bother making a new topic since I don't want to give full instructions.

    (Go buy a yellow, red, silver, or blueish black Venturi 300)
    Basically you need to use the hybrid engine code and give the car the Lotus Esprit SE's engine, I don't know its #s off the top of my head. You also need to go to the wheel place and buy some speedline star pattern wheels. I prefer the ones on the 2nd page of speedline that kind of go in a little bit at the tips of each point. You need to give the car a port polish, engine balance, computer chip, full racing transmission, and sport exhaust/muffler. This will give you 383 hp (F355 Ferrari has 380, you might want to skip the racing chip).

    You then need to go to, go to the "present" section, and look at the gears of the '90 or '93 Ferrari 348. You have to use these gears since the Venturi 300 is only a 5 speed and all F355s are 6 speeds. You can really easily change the gears to EXACTLY what the 348's gears are with a little messing around. You might actually want to lower the 5th gear a bit because the car redlines at about 160 and maxes out at 184 or something. And that's it, you now have a Venturi 300 that not only looks like a F355 (with a little downs syndrome) but also runs like a 355. I don't remember exactly, but the 0-60 time was like 4.7 seconds (consistent with the 355) and the 1/4 mile was just about .5 to .8 slower than a 355 (probably because I didn't upgrade the clutch).
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    WOW! Thats pretty amazing man! Thanks I love the Venturi's! :D
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    the F40 does have a TT V6, not a V8
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    Every website I can find on the internet says it has a 2.9 liter V8 ...
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    huh.. ok then my bad guys, must have been another car i was thinking of.