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    Thunder Dash

    Hello everyone. My name is Thunder Dash.

    Here, I will be telling my story about my journey through Gran Turismo 3.

    It all started way back in the year 2001. This year was when I officially started the Gran Turismo 3 journey.

    It was a very slow start for me. I had to do several restarts and didn't even know how to brake on the first go. Because I was so young, I really did not know where to start. It took a long while before I was able to get a grip on things...especially...the licenses. They were a pain. I kept missing them by just a little. However, when it came to race in the Sunday Cup, I managed to pull off the first race, which was Super Speedway.

    As time passed, I was able to get somewhere and eventually, I racked up enough money to get the car that would give me another step in my journey: The Coupe Turbo Plus.

    It took a while for me to buy this car. But when I did. It certainly paid off.

    I was able to complete the FF Challenge, despite that pesky Lupo Cup Car always appearing on the field. Still managed to beat it.

    Eventually, after finally figuring out how to complete the B license (those pesky Grand Valley trials kept on nagging me like crazy), I entered the other races I could enter at that time. One of them was the Race of Turbo Sports.

    Because I did not have any other cars, I had to use the Coupe Turbo Plus, which was a bit of a challenge because of that 3000GT...ugh...4WD...

    Then...things started to happen, as I won more money and looked through the dealerships, a car struck my attention: The Subaru WRX Sti (the 31,000 credit one). I longed for this car, because not only did it look good, I knew it would serve a great purpose when it came to some parts of my Gran Turismo 3 career.

    Finally...the time came. I sold my Coupe Turbo Plus. It was a little sad saying good bye to the old Coupe Turbo, but I knew I'd get it again in the future. I was able to purchase the Impreza WRX Sti, but was only able to put a sport exhaust on it. It was the only thing I could do at the moment. I then quickly completed the 4WD challenge, after reviewing a few of the older races so I could beef up the Impreza a little bit. After selling the special color Altoworks from Suzuki I won from the beginner 4WD challenge, I then went and did the other races I could...that is...after finishing more licenses.

    Perhaps the hardest licenses for me at the time were the latter half of the international B license and the International A license. Ugh...the circle challenges were a pain, especially the smaller one. I either kept spinning out, or missing the bronze by a few hundredths of a second. After treking through the International B license, I was able to complete the international A license...literally, after about two months hiatus from it. It was just so frustrating. Having the Mines Skyline with no ASM or TCS, especially with no TCS...on that last little bitty corner. Tire-spin=spinout=fail. This happened to me just about every time. Even if I made it through, I wouldn't make it on time. I'm an easy going person, so I'm not one of those hard rage quitters.

    But then...a day came...and...the miracle happened...I finally beat International A License...which meant...all endurance trials and other races were available to me. There was only one problem...the cars I had weren't strong enough to hold a constant lead.

    I had my 807hp Viper and was able to beat race cars in the Gran Turismo All Stars Test Course race, but it could hardly keep up in the regular track courses.

    And you know what that means...even with all the cars I had...I needed to do something...something big...

    ...and that's exactly what I did.

    When I was over my friends house for a birthday party, I loaded his GT3 copy and noticed he had over 463K credits. I took advantage of this, sacrificing all of the progress and all the cars I earned...for an all-out maxed-out RUF RGT...and a Toyota Supra RZ as well. With these two OP beasts, I quickly got back to right where I was, winning the prize cars I needed to complete certain races.

    On my second go at the licenses, now that I had matured, it was a total breeze. But there was one more enemy...the Super Licenses.

    These were major toughies, especially the Seattle Circuit II trial. That pesky understeering GT40 race car had me pretty frustrated. Even one time I came as close as 1 thousandth of a second from the bronze on that particular license.

    Finally, a day came when I managed to complete the super license, which as a matter of fact was just last year...yeah...

    14 years later from the start...I'm sitting pretty with over 1 million credits and a load of OP cars in my garage. All that's left to do is just complete the endurance races, professional league and then the arcade goals...
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    On the licenses:
    I really started to feel challenged on the IB license (the circle challenges were still so easy I didn't bother too much), when I started to run out of time for stuff. The IA license was an absolute pain (I feel that one with the Mine's Skyline, but I only did that twice before I learned that I had to resist my temptation to gas towards my salvation), and after finishing those I never stepped into the license centre for another year. Then I braved and tried the Super licenses. They weren't awfully hard, except for S-3 and S-6. I had no idea how the demo managed a gold on S-3, the car simply didn't go. S-6 used the Viper GTS-R Team Oreca, a car I marvelled at the time, that was so easy to run off at the corkscrew that I just stopped trying. A few years later (actually, only a few months ago), I decided to return to GT3 (I had been playing GT4 in the meantime) and, with my new-armed knowledge, I cheated a bit on S-3 and managed to not drive sideways on S-6. Suddenly, before me, lay S-8. *in a sing-along-style tune* Crash crash crash crash crash crash crash crash crash crash crash crash run out of time crash crash crash crash crash crash crash crash crash crash crash crash run out of time crash crash crash out of time crash crash out of time crash crash crash OMG FINALLY. I got the Super license and I could finally take part in stuff such as the "Like the wind" race (I had already beat the rally license years ago, before beating the IB or IA, I don't remember anymore). Then I got bored, since I had no real memory of my playing and it looked like stuff was already set out for me, so I started anew. Licenses were a first, and not too hard anymore either. Then I was off to the sunday cup, done, clubman cup, done, fr cup, done, ..., about 1/3 of the beginner league done, then I went back to GT4 and did the same (reset, licenses [IA-15 ans S-16 were an arse] and play) and here I am now, probably short of 10% on GT3 and just over 25% on GT4. Yes, I kept my old saves, I always do that.
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    That was a good read mate, I seem to be lucky in the sense that things are a bit easier for me, so starting this game; albeit I am much older and therefore can comprehend things better than I could, I started the game by golding all licence tests and the rest is history really.

    Obviously when you do this you get a mazda 1.8 roadster, an mazda RX8, Nissan 3fiftyZ a Dodge Viper GTSR Concept and an Impreza Rally Car Prototype and last but by no means least An Aston Martin Vanquish, if you had GT Concept and done the challenges that unlock the 10m credit transfer then the other in game drivers were done for even more lol

    but thanks mate, good bit read that. :)