My New York Circuit Track Issue

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Vanishing Boy
-> As I was researching for the >missing< tracks in FM4.

-> I was playing each track that FM4 didn't have. And while playing FM2, I was about to try the New York Circuit...


(map design from FM2)

^ But to my amazement, this map design is WRONG!!!!

-> As you can see on the map it looks like that there was a chicane. But when I played on the track, it was more like this...


(map design from FM1)

^ Or should I say, there was no chicane in the first place! Was Turn10 made an oversight? Please enlighten me! Thanks!

Well, given that they can change the layout of any in-house T10 generated track between versions of the game, it seems plausible that they could've just changed it.

Unless that chicane isn't there in FM2:boggled:
Its been a while but wasnt that an option of layout...I mean you could race that track with or without the chicane???
They may have planned on placing the chicane in FM2, but decided to save it for FM3. Then they doubled down on the chicane in FM3, just to make sure the players knew there was a chicane added to FM3?

You can always weave for no reason when you get to that part of the track, you know. :P

On another note...

I find it odd that the street light are modeled to be on, during the middle of the day, and that the "New York Show" marque throws as much light bloom as it does in both FM2 and 3. Add the flood lights on the signs and I begin to wonder why they didn't make NY at night in Fm2 or 3.

(One for the tin-hatters.) :P