My suggestions for improving the livery editor for a future iteration.

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Either in a GTS update, or a future GT title altogether, I had some suggestions to improve the livery editor:

-In addition to the basic shapes & patterns, I think there should be some full-body decals that can allow less-experienced designers to have a neat pattern and then color it in as they like. Something that comes to mind is the livery editor from NFS: Most Wanted (2005), where it didn't allow as much freedom as UG2 nor Carbon, but nevertheless allowed for some neat stuff, like automatically placing various brand stickers on the door or rear panel, as well as on the front or rear windows. There was also the option to pick multiple colors for some of the full-body decals, too. Many of these full-body decals could be for all the cars, but some could be specific to certain models and based on other team liveries for a racing model, or special editions for road cars. For example, it seems that when racing in GT500, multiple real-world Lexus RC-F liveries have some shared design motifs, especially around the headlamps, so a default full-body decal that's modeled on these aforementioned shared design motifs could be great for players who want to make a good livery and relatively quickly.

-Within the "default" stickers, I think it should be more based-around the car itself, instead of a more generalized selection. There'd always be options for the Gran Turismo, PD, FIA, and Tag-Heuer stickers since they're partners, but for example, if a car clearly has a certain brand of seat/belt that's displayed and cannot be changed, then it should be the only option for as far as default stickers go. (E.g. the Audi R8 LMS clearly shows Schroth Racing belts, and several cars clearly display Brembo's name on their brake calipers.) This would expand to race cars that already have their sponsors listed on the default livery, such as the RC-F Gr.2 with Takata & Snap-On. You could still download someone's uploaded decal of another brand and use it, if you'd like, but the idea here would be to allow the design-challenged to more easily-create aesthetically-pleasing designs. On top of this, there could also be default decals for the car's stylized name (like in Gran Turismo 4's dealership menus) as well as a period-correct version of the automaker's logo as it was for a sufficiently-historic model, alongside its most recent one.

-As for potential additions to the default stickers, I think other stuff like the FIAGTC logo could be added (as seen on the nose of the Red Bull X2014 cars with national liveries), as well as the GT Association logo, with the latter being potentially listed under the "fictional logos" tab.

-Custom text and flag for the driver name would be great, alongside the option to maybe add up to two additional names. I also liked how in the PS3-era games, you could have your real surname and the initial of your first name up there, just like an actual driver, instead of your PSN name. This name could also appear on contracts you sign with a brand for the manufacturer's series, and so on.

-Instead of having all the special colors with certain properties be obtained in special methods (either via the MiEx or seasonal events, as seen in GT6), why not just have additional options within the color-picker? Instead of having to scroll through all sorts of special colors, you could just have the real car paints in there (further sortable by automaker), and you could get the chrome paint and whatnot simply by picking a color in the color picker, and then picking an option, such as chrome, matte, half-matte, and so on.

-I'd also appreciate the option to view the list of cars that each wheel model can be applied to, instead of only being able to see this list when buying the wheel from the MiEX.

-Other things I'd like is being able to paint the front wheels differently from the rear, and the ability to somehow have the car mostly don carbon fiber textures. Perhaps it could be a default option when deciding to "paint all"? Or maybe when painting, there could be an option to "strip" that area, revealing the CF. Another idea would be to simply allow areas with CF textures to not get painted over when picking colors in the painting menu, like a "paint over carbon fiber?" yes/no prompt.

-I'm not sure how to actually go about this one, but I potentially wanna see some freedom with moving the number sticker. Some of them are placed right in the middle of the car, when the real-life counterpart of some models (e.g. Ferrari 458 GT3) may place them much closer to the front wheels. But idk about giving complete freedom, either, as the number should remain viewable. Perhaps there could be multiple fixed placement options to choose from, instead.

-Other ideas include allowing the number stickers to be reflective, expanding the selection of the number for the number sticker to digital car number displays (as seen on some GT3 and GTE cars), and changing hue of any additional lighting (e.g. leader lights, digital number displays for the car's number or position (or both), and/or the additional lighting seen on some newer GTE cars like the 488 and Ford GT).
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Interesting ideas, I'm sure some will get Implemented in a future time.
I too would like the ability to move the placement of the default number boards, it ruins so many liveries in Sport mode.
The only other things I would like changed are the abilities to change downloaded decal names and arrange them in alphabetical order. Trawling through 1000 decals wondering if you have a certain decal is an utter bore.


Salut Gilles
I would like
  • the ability to move the numberboard
  • the ability to change all the decals of one colour to another colour.
  • special colours (chrome. matte etc) to be available for decals. (limiting us to one chrome and one matte and one flourescent would be fine)
  • the ability to group decals and then paste them all together.
  • the option to leave most of the default livery on a car to allow us to change the colour only.
  • more default shapes (I find there is a distinct lack of slightly curved lines, and trapezoids.)
  • the ability to sort and group decals from your gallery.
I'm sure there are more, but those are my main issues.


I’ve created a file where I list my wishes for livery editor. Thankfully I could delete some lines with the different updates but there is still room for improvements, even if I see only a few major issues (mainly colours and numberboard)

Editing :

- Edit windshield banner
- Move the numberboard (I'm ok if it is still in a restricted area) instead of the mandatory position
- All areas editable (i.e. the front mask of the NSX or the rear grille of the Viper)
- Coordinates, or at least rotation angles, skew and stretch ratios
- Fine tune :
Even if the editor is already delicate, sometimes you just want to perfect match another place.
- Adapt controls to the camera position
When I rotate the car to get a better view, and the controls are still working for the previous orientation
- Enable/disable auto-reset of the camera when adding a layer :
When you duplicate one sticker, you stay on place, but when you add, the camera reset at the standard view. Annoying when you're working to fine details on a logo.

Colours :

- "Color all" not enforced when you first paint the car
- Add textures to the special colours (carbon fibre, mesh, etc..)
- Metallic / special colors stickers
- Texture choice not for all decals but per decal.
- Caliper colour
- Option to paint 1, 2, 4 wheels :
Loctite Mugen NSX has white on front and bronze at rear, and some liveries I saw with inverted left/right body colors will be better with this.
- Colour history :
Memory of the previous session of the livery (now back) and the ability to delete colours from the history (when you tried 4 different HSV for reds, and don't remember the one you finally choose !)
- Previous colors at the top of the palette instead of the bottom

Decals :

- Grouping layers
- Apply a change to multiples layers (obviously color and mirroring)
- Use a decal INSIDE another :
For example, put a color gradient inside a circle sticker or a text, instead of masking it
- Make the game more tolerant with SVG codes
If it is valid in the web browser, let it be the same in the game
- Improve decal storage capacity above 1000
- Improve decal research in our own library

Solved with SVG creation but might be useful in-game :

- Type/edit/copy words instead of letters
- Save a group of layers (or merge in one sticker and save)
Like @daan and @Cytoria already said, what I really want to see is :

- Move/Rotate the number plate, even in a restricted area
- Grouping layers and the posssibility to save theim
- type words instead of 1 letter and more than only 1 font
- Delete colours from the history
- Edit windshield banner
- Rotation angles
- Improve decals research in our librairy and in the discover section
- Replace colours to change all decals on a single colour to another one
- more basic shapes, particulary curved shapes
- 'Recently used' tab in the decals librairy

Thorin Cain

All of the above points 👍.

Also, (if anyone said this, I'm blind and missed it :dopey:) paintable roll cages and other interior colour options would be nice (seat, wheel, accent pieces etc.).
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I'll simplify, give us something with all the functionality of the Forza livery editor and retain the ability to upload decals.



Still progressing........
What I would love to see is the ability to put decals in the interior of the car.

Other than that, pretty much everything above.
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Option for : fill only, stroke only, fill + stroke with option for spacing between fill & stroke.

Maybe a library of fonts too?
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Option for : fill only, stroke only, fill + stroke with option for spacing between fill & stroke

Seperate options for fill and stroke might be useful, but I can't see them implementing the spacing option, that requires the game to generate additional geometry itself, and I'd be surprised if they went down that route.

Maybe a library of fonts too?

With the current system the best bet is to do these as custom decals and upload yourself. To make it worth having more fonts in game I think they need to have it so you can enter a word and choose the font... Placing individual letters often looks rubbish as the spacing and sizing has to be done manually.
Fürstentum Lippe
Numerical values for rotation degree, placement and size on x- and y-axis like Forza has them.
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Being able to paint decals in the special colours you can download from the mileage exchange.
I should have worded “ability to use metallic colors for decals” different but I guess that would kinda fall under that too.
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The Pool Of Life.
Some interesting options to vote on, but there are other things I would like to see implemented in addition. Btw, I chose 1. Merge decals 2. Better text creation 3. Use metallic finish for decals, in that order. But I could have voted for all options, and if everyone did that, it would just be 'we' want these five additions to the Livery Editor.

The thread maybe should have been titled 'What do you want in the Livery Editor', because the limited options are, unsurprisingly, I imagine, what the OP wants. A few other things that I, and maybe others, would find useful are:-

As mentioned above, the ability to paint using the special colours.Being able to order the decals you have saved. The amount of time wasted going through almost 1000 decals.:banghead: :rolleyes:

To be able to search your saved decals by name. Particularly useful because of the lack of decal ordering option.

The ability to copy decals from side to front, rear to front, basically from any view to any other view, rather than only from one side to the other. This would be particularly useful because of the lack of search / organisation options mentioned earlier.

To be able to put a stroke (outline) of variable width and colour around decals could negate the need to have multiple duplicated decals below a main decal, moved slightly to get the same effect.

Similar to the above, the ability to add a drop shadow to a decal could negate the need for multiple layers to get the same effect.

To be able to copy a whole design to a different car. The decals would not match up obviously, but it would at least be a quicker way to duplicate a design with colours and decals, rather than starting from scratch.

As well as all that, they should fix some cars on which the decals don't work the same as on most other cars.

How easy some of this things are to implement, only a developer could say.

The Livery Editor was a great addition to the game for me, and with the lack of a proper offline mode, is what I have used the most, but it hasn't received too many, if any improvements since the launch of the game, and with a potential GT7 for launch with a PS5 next year, I doubt we will see any improvements to the Livery Editor, though I hope I am wrong. Hopefully a lot of improvements can put into the GT7 Livery Editor though, if we don't see any improvements in the GT Sport version.

An it would be nice to see the designs people have made in GT Sport able to move into a GT7, as much as possible.
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A lot of the choices to vote were added from people’s comments. There was only the top 3 at start. And the idea behind this post, because I can assure you someone from PD cruises this forum, was to put it front and center and easy to find. No need to scroll through thousands of posts.... maybe this can eventually be a stickey. That makes it easier for them to be like ok this is what a LOT of people what, and this feature some want but it’s not as popular as the rest, so let’s try to get this feature implemented first.... get it?? Maybe it won’t happen in GTS, but maybe they will be added for GT7, who knows. So vote for some, vote for all, it don’t matter. What matters is getting it out there.
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Mmm, I didn't get it obviously!!! :confused: :lol:

If the point of the thread was to highlight ways to improve the Livery Editor, but mainly to make it easier for PD to find the thread, then it is flawed imho. Because if this thread were to become a sticky, and there were only statistics for the five points in the original post, which you say makes no difference which, or how many, you vote for, it may give the impression that those five things were the only problems with the Livery Editor, which imho is not the case.

Do any of the problems/points I posted have merit? :rolleyes: If this thread were to become a sticky, and PD, should they happen upon the thread, then any of the points I made, or anyone else makes, could get lost if they (PD) were not to delve deeper into the thread, and just looked at the options given, and the numbers.

A thread similar to the car and track sticky's may have been a better idea, where there is a master list in the original first post of ways to improve the Livery Editor, which could be updated and added to as people add things they may see as problems, or have ideas for improvements later in the thread. If it were to become a sticky, great, but you would at least have a list in the first post of the thread with a list of problems / ways to improve that people could add to, which was easy to find, and then a thread where people could agree, disagree, or just discuss, the points of the first post. Hopefully as improvements were made, some of the points in the original first post could be ticked off.

Whether the mods would agree to such a thread would be another thing. ;)
Loving the flood of positive ideas in this thread.

Not strictly a livery idea, but we could do with some more wheel designs from either manufacturers currently in the game or new ones;

etc. etc.

Or the ability to acquire new designs from vehicles in your garage (as per GT3 or 4, IIRC)