My Team Logo (PS4)F1 2020 

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United Kingdom
United Kingdom
Hi all.

Is there any way we can install an option file where we can upload better team logo's for my team n the PS4 - like authentic manufacturer makes like Porsche etc

The choices we have in-game are just absolute garbage ?

If not then this would have been a good idea for codemasters to allow it
I don't think that's possible... even if codies were willing to add that feature, I think that would infringe F1 sponsorship deals.
As far as I know the only decals that can be used are the ones available in game or unlocked through levelling up My Team.

As @Leovizzz states there is probably a contract requirement to only allow F1 related sponsorship so doing custom decals is probably not going to be a thing or non F1 manufacturer's.

I do agree that the team logo's in game aren't good but I managed to get one to work reasonably well myself.