My time on GTP. (Including brutal honesty)

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    Hola, I'm GTPVenomZombie. (Obviously)

    I've had my GTP account since June of 2013. I originally browsed GTP in the summer of 2012, and more so during January - Febuary of 2013 when the GT5 hacking began. I remember the hidden stuff found in GT5. That's what drew me closer to GTP.

    The best thread on here is the GT2 hidden stuff thread. Showcases all the cut content, and mods you can do in GT2. I've spent many time reading that thread, and I still do check it. Would reccomend to go over there if you haven't.

    In the beginning, it was like having facebook. I would post embarrassing posts and didn't really understand at the time. I just read threads and posted some silly comments, but we all do it in the beginning.

    Many GTP'ers have helped me out and gave me great advice. In which I appreciate every critic and advice that I get. If I'm wrong about something, then you guys will tell me and I'll take it in. If I need advice, or have a question, it'll get answered. I think we have a wonderful community. One thing I admire is getting personal advice from some. I've been given advice that's helped me out with my daily life situations. Sometimes I've just needed someone to talk to or some support. And I've gotten that.

    I appreciate all the staff work that goes on around here. The staff do a lot for GTP, and so do the contributing writers. I have much respect to all you guys. I'll get to @Jordan in a bit.

    I have settled in well on here. To me, it's not just a website with a domain, it's a social home space where we can all chat about common interests. It feels like home on here. A big thank you to @JockeP22 for gifting me a Premium membership! I'll never forget it. :)

    I have much faith that GTP will continue to grow and expand. We already got a GTP sponsor/livery for a car in the first Project Cars.

    I've had my downers/bickers with some people on here. But 98% of them ended well. The only negative thing going on right now here is all the pointless new threads being created when we have like 1000 others. It's always the new people who have just joined.

    If I could give advice to anybody joining, it would be PLEASE look for a thread for your problem before posting it. I really hope anybody new settles and has a fantastic time here on GTP.

    Must say, a big THANK YOU to @Jordan
    Did you ever think creating a forum site would get as big as it is? I'm on here everyday, and I appreciate all the work you do and I wish you all the best in your daily life.

    A big thank you to all the people I've met on here who I see daily, you're all what makes GTP so great.

    @Lord Kacperov
    @Michelin Man
    And many more!

    A big thank you guys! You lot made me feel welcome here. :) You guys have also taught me a lot, and actually helped me to not be socially awkward online. I see you guys on here daily, and you all have helped me (Even if it's been a little bit). I remember a lot of good things, and I know to appreciate any support I get and to not take anything for granted. Still, if I'm ever wrong about something, tell me! Haha, I'm somebody takes advice in because it makes me stronger mentally as a person.

    (I may need to edit this a bit, as this is the biggest post I've ever wrote, so apologies if something doesn't make sense. And if I haven't tagged anyone that I've had some sort of bond with or who has helped me out, I haven't left you out on purpose.)
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    Thank you so much for all your kind words, @GTPVenomZombie. These types of posts remind me why I keep running the site; it means a lot. :cheers:

    And to answer your question... the practical answer is no, I never imagined it would get this big. However, since day one, working on it has always felt like the "right" thing to do, and in the earliest days I always had a feeling that it would become something special one day.

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    Never give up running this site because you've done an amazing job at it. :)

    Tbh, one of the reasons why I'm so thankful is because this is the first place I go whenever I'm on a downer, or when my anxiety rises. (I have very bad anxiety, panic attacks etc.) I just open GTPlanet up and read a thread, which helps me take all the trouble off my mind. I'm 17 year old, still in college, and in my spare time I usually listen to music while spending 70% of my free time on my breaks on here. I feel accepted on here, and that's another reason why I enjoy being on here so much. I bet I'm not the only one who feels the same way as I do.

    I'm happy for you, I really am I'm glad that it's became something special and not just some "forum site". I don't even see GTPlanet as a website, it's a social space where we can all communicate about common interests. Or a Network even. To me anyway. ;)Again I'm happy for you, you've done a awesome job and keep it up! :) Because it's just going to keep expanding, and I hope it gets bigger than it already is. I mean, look where it's gotten you. That says everything right there!

    I have also mentioned GTP to my friends, people in college & my girlfriend always knows when I'm on here because it's the only time I type something on my phone or whenever I'm reading something with my concentration face. :D

    Anyway, not that I'm much help but if your creation ever needs more volunteers to help around the space then feel free to give me a shout.

    Thank you again for everything that you've done to make this all possible. :gtpflag:4EVER!!
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    Thanks for the kind words, GTPVZ.
    All the very best to you.
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