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So.. without too much yada yada I am a learner first here, but I am about to buy & build a rig and am deciding between a csl elite + and a 2.5. I really seem to want the 2.5 but heard the issue with the playstation natively not seeing the 2.5, however being that I managed to find this wonderful page to guide me on the ins and outs of making the 2.5 work with the ps5 I figured I would break down my to-be-build and that way know ahead of time how to make sure it all works when I get it!

I fully intend to be playing both games on my PC as well as the PS5(I also have a ps4 pro, but I don't foresee any reason to use the ps4 when the ps5 exists) . Dirt 5, AC, GT7, F12020 + , Forza, Iracing, ... I am really game for anything honestly

1st question is windows/xbox realted while the rest are Sony related-

1. from what I understand, I shouldn't *NEED* an xbox of any kind correct? Just a xbox controller(OEM &/or 3rd) & wheel that will work the menu & settings? As long as I have an xbox game pass? (<- correct me here?) I can play the games ... am I understanding this right?

2- for Sony & ps5. I read up a little above me and so correct me if I am missing something below:

drive hub
2.5 base
ps5 console
3rd party controller for ps4 ? or for ps5? or both (my guess is having both is better lol)

planned wheel purchases:

WRC wheel - will use for drift/ rally/ racing games not needing a f1 type wheel

Clubsport steering wheel v2 (because I want an f1 style wheel across all platforms?)

Any suggestions on wheels are appreciated as my goal is to get one wheel for non f1/open wheel , and get 1 that fits general cars + drifting + rally racing (a total of 2 wheels for those who are counting the items we are buying .. not naming who is but this process is a prerequisite to get her interested fully in this process lol)

planned base:
clubsport 2.5

Planned ecosystem: drive hub + fanatec

planned 3rd party controllers:

ps4: ?

ps5: ? - if required

xbox : ?

xbox new gen : ? - if required

planned pedals:

Really close to pulling the trigger on a set of v3 (not inverted?) (<- are v3 pedals that much better than csl elite ones for example? )

dampener x2 (one for the gas + one for the brake)

v3 brake kit that gives you the pieces to adjust the brake (green, yellow, red)

Planned rig:

Haven't made a decision quite yet.. I want a comfy chair but I also want/need a sturdy rig, and cant seem to find that combination.. if any of you have bought a chair + rig separate and put the two together please let me know which ones worked!

Any and all answers are super appreciated!!!! If I missed anything or if somethings unclear let me know

thanks everyone!!