Myrtle Beach Speedway

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    Length 0.538 mi (0.866 km)
    Banking Turns - 13°
    Straights - 4° front, 3° back

    Was thinking about this track earlier and then eventually realized it had not been suggested here, so I felt that needed to change. Over the years I have become somewhat familiar with this one and while I have never actually been on the track before, I have at the very least seen it. I go to Myrtle Beach once a year for a vacation and we usually go to a shopping mall not too far away from it and the track can be easily seen from there. While it might not be as exciting as something like Pikes Peak or Complex String, I do feel like it would be pretty fun to race on a small oval track like this one. I will admit, I am probably a bit biased towards this track since it's from a place I know and like, but hey, iRacing has this track already, why not GT?

    While it may have closed last month and will be demolished soon, I am sure they could find a way to implement it somehow.