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I've been away from the forza series since forza 2 however I plan on getting 3 and 4 sometime after 4s release. I only wanted to ask if the nb miata in the game is still the mazdaspeed miata that I'm pretty sure never existed. If yes is there a way to remove the spoiler and body kit to make it look normal again?
It seems they've taken the nb out of the game. Could be one of the unicorns though.
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The car did exist:

...and it hasn't been cut from Forza 4.

S4A, do you have any other sources for the real miata? That website isn't exactly screaming out "reliable source!" to me. Also some details such as the radio and the poorly photoshopped pictures supposedly from mazdas website, make me skeptical that they are indeed real. Seems almost like a concept that may have never taken off. I've been in the miata community for a long time and I have never heard a single word spoken about a msm limited in 01 let alone a picture aside from forza. Seems odd they wouldn't pick a more popular model even on the off chance the 01 msm ever was even just an idea.

As for the car in the game good to know its still there. Thanks for the input guys


found this-

Just seems odd there isn't more info about these cars
The Familia featured beside the Miata in that press release (or whatever you want to call it) is also in the Forza series.

I found that link years ago while researching the 2 cars after they appeared in FM2 and I had never heard of them. If I remember right, it was a strange offshoot of the Japanese Mazda site.

Edit: The production figures quoted are very low (200 MX-5s and 100 Familias), so I'm not surprised they sank without a trace. What's surprising is that T10 sought them out for inclusion.
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ISTR an NB in one of the early GTs that had the Mazdaspeed styling and was called something like a Spec-C?