Need a helpful guide to suspension tuning.

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    So I decided to get into an online race organized by a group i know few days back. We were to all race in Suzuki Swift's. I decided to enter thinking i was pretty good. Besides, we had the same cars, how tough could it be, it all came down to driving skill.
    But when i got down to the track, i noticed the some were much fasterr than me. They even set laptimes 10 seconds faster than me.
    we all had the same parts on our cars so i didnt understand how they were so fast. Then i borrowed one of their cars and noticed it handled better. Their swifts were more agile and could take corners faster.

    I checked out their suspension tuning and realised it was contradictory to a guide i got off IGN. Now im lost. I dont know how each suspesnion tune works exactly (dampers, anti roll bars) and screw u p my cars.

    Is there a guide that is accurate and cane help me tune my cars better?
    I read Scaff's guide but i dont think it was very helpful.

    What guide should i use?

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    Try the guides here at GTPlanet, if all else fails, I think you can borrow someone else's tune. Of course, you can also read the in-game manual. There's also help buttons if you tune your car offline. Try that, or look for some guides here.
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    Try using setups for raving cars. Her's an example. I bought a ARTA nsx from the dealership, then i bought a stock nsx. I copied all the suspersion setups and gear ratios from one car to another. It worked perfectly. And I could lap around Tskuba in the 59 second range