Need Advice for Highest Speed Tommykaira ZZII 2000 Tuning Set-Up

I'm currently grinding for Credits on Special Stage Route X, which, even though the grind is slow, is a decent excuse to Tune my ride to the highest possible Top Speed it can get. It's a ZZII, since it's very cheap to maintain compared to the McLaren F1 & Bugatti Veyron, which cost the equivalent of 6 or so Races to repait the chassis, compared to the half Race for the ZZII. However, I'm not sure how some of the Tuning Options work. So far, I've only really changed the Gearbox, Acceleration Sensitivity & reduced the Aero Downforce, but I'd like to know if I can go further.

Right now, I can go around 437 KPH or 485 KPH with Nitro on. Anyone who can help me raise the Top Speed even further than that? I'd prefer having at least a little cornering ability, so no Bugatti Beyron-style Drag Race Set-Up.
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Start with toe, keep front at or close to 0.0, rear similar, not more than 0.10. Closer to 0.0 as makes it comfortable.

Play with the ride height, don't go too low, but lower is better.

Dampers, just set all to 4, ARB at 4 also.

Springs, less than half the availability on the slider, closer to 1/3, slightly higher in the rear.

That should give a good base, you can than adjust one item at a time, no more than 2 clicks and see if you notice a positive or negative impact.

Good luck.
I did what you described, and even though my Tommykaira ZZII 2000 didn't feel much different, I at least noticed a slightly higher Speed. Thanks. I'll race a few more times and make some changes before uploading the Set-Up for the rest.

EDIT: Done. I've uploaded a Tuning Set-Up. Took me more than a while.
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