Need help tuning Ferrari 330 P4 Race Car '67

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  1. As the title says, I need help tuning this car, specifically for the Suzuka Circuit track.
    Tried to search throughout everywhere but still haven't found anything decent yet...

    Edit: for b-spec
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    Perhaps you could elaborate some more. What is it you a having trouble with specifically?
  3. The car seems to be very unstable and oversteers quite a lot.
    I have tested with some tunes I found but since they weren't for the Suzuka track they didn't work out.
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    I've never touched one and I'm no wizard but I'm going to guess that an LSD is going to make the biggest impact. I've learned a few tricks from reading MotorCityHami's thread and others in this forum.

    If you are using softs, jump down to hards to tune (thanks, CyKosis! :dopey:). That will prevent the tires from covering up any flaws. Open it up all the way to 5/5/5 and start increasing the accel until the inside tire stops turning red first but before the outside tire starts doing it too badly. Probably won't be too high up, likely around 15-20 but start at 10 in my not-expert opinion. Do the same for decel. Initial I haven't quite figured out yet but you can get some other opinions on that. If you're going back to softs you can bump it up slightly to take advantage of the tires.

    The switchbacks at the front of the course are probably the best place to test on Suzuka, use the East Course rather than running the full length. Grand Valley East reverse is also a good short course to check.

    This is my method and it seems to work fairly well. YMMV Let us know if that makes any improvement.
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    The braking zone of the hairpin and all the spoon curve are very important to tune properly brake balance and LSD for Suzuka circuit. You will not find those special conditions on any other part of the circuit. That´s why i think you need to use the full track, you can spare a lot of time at this points with a good fine tune of the gears also.

  7. @AstonMartinDBR9: yeah I've tried that tune wasn't very effective.
    Thanks for the advices guys :D