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Discussion in 'Computers & Technology' started by DesertPenguin, Jun 19, 2019.

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    My Internet is acting all weird and not wanting to work at all. On my laptop I am shown as connected to my router but websites can't load as if I'm not connected. Phone and PS4 are acting the same. I reset my router and PS4 and laptop but still nothing. Using 4G on phone now. What could this possibly be?

    Edit: and as soon as I finish typing that out it starts working again. What could that have been?
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    Could be anything.
    I've had issues where it would say connected but not actually connected and then I figure out that there is an outage in the area that is affecting it.

    So it's probably not just you but probably others in the area had it too.

    Happens to me rarely
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    Usually DNS. You might be connected, and you can ping anything out there (like or,) but if you can't do name lookups you can't browse, so "The Internet's down."

    As to why you don't have DNS, who knows, but at least if you can prove that, you know what to look for,
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