Need Setup Assistance for Fanatec CSPedals v3 /w GT Sport

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by NaketWookie, Nov 28, 2018.

  1. NaketWookie


    Hello Folks,

    is there someone out there who has the ClubSportPedals v3 and plays GT Sport?
    After a lot of customizing, FW upgrading & setting up the Hardware i did my first testruns and i ran into a problem.
    When i approach a hard braking zone, like the Hairpin Turn 2 Red Bull Ring, i have to trouble to keep the braking force up.
    On my first step on the brakes there is a 100% Brakeforce, i can see that. But after 50-10m my Brakeforce starts to fade massivly.

    Even if i stay on the Brake FULL Power, i can see the Brakeforce fade away like i was trailbraking...

    i GUESS it has something to do with the additional Air-Damper (wich is installed)?! Did some have the same problems?
    It really wrecks my racing-lines...

  2. DomB_Fanatec


    Hi Wookie,

    You could test the brake pedal without the damper kit installed, that way you can rule out the effect of the damper kit if you see the same 'fade' happening. In any case I recommend that you discuss with the support team. The live chat system is currently active on the site, so you should be able to reach a support agent quickly.
  3. K1LLD0z3R


    United States
    Try increasing the brake force adjustment in the tuning menu of the wheel base. I use 70.

    6.3.8 BRF (brake force)
    BRF range: OFF 010 ... 100 BRF default: 050
    This brake force modifiers give you the ability to adjust the brake feeling ac- cording to your favour: Increasing the BRF to 100 means the user needs to press the brake with minimum force to achieve 100% brake signal. Reducing the BRF to OFF means the user needs to press the brake only with maximum force to achieve 100% brake signal.
    You can either check the brake signal level on the PC driver or you can see it on the RevLEDs of the attached Steering Wheel (depending on Steering Wheel type). To change the used and active value press up or down direction at the FunkySwitchTM of the Fanatec Steering Wheel or turn the FunkySwitchTM clock- wise / counter clockwise.
  4. NaketWookie


    i solved it...
    i turned the tiny screw at the back of the damper in the wrong direction. i didn't lock it, i completly opened it, wich led to the damper being really soft and fading constantly after the first braking.

    Thank you DomB!
    And thank you Killdozer for improving my brakepoint by another 5m !
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