Need some help tuning suspension.. Diablo GT '00

Discussion in 'GT6 Drifting' started by SummitBalt08, Jan 6, 2014.

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    I havent found a good car for drifting like I did in GT5..

    I tried all kinds of car wasted all kinds of credits..

    Saw that some other members were drifting NSXs and other MR cars, so I decided to try the Lamborghini Diablo I had in my garage..

    I added a Ballast in the front and it seems to help even out drifts but I know some suspension work will really help it.

    Here is the tune I have on it now:

    Fully adjustable suspension- all I did was put the ride height as low as it will go
    Racing brakes F:5 R:8

    5 speed better gearing trans (Is it better to go to the custom trans?)

    Triple-plate clutch
    Custom LSD Initial Torque:10 Acceleration Sens.:60 Braking Sens.:20

    All stock except for oil change, intake tuning and High RPM Turbo kit
    Then set the power limiter at 71.7% so it has 552hp 551 pp

    Ballast 100kg
    Ballast Position: -40%

    Using comfort soft tires and a controller lol. The car slides and is controllable for the most part. To gain control I just let off the gas and it will usually straighten out, but when I am drifting it tends to go more into a power slide rather than drift

    I know alot of work needs done to the suspension/LSD.. I just want a fun drift car for GT6.

    Any help is greatly appreciated