New blood check in, making both liveries and decal

Hong Kong
Hong Kong
I posted a thread, ask for decal uploader problems several days ago, if u guys still remember me. Actually, I've been working on this game's Liv and Decals since it was being released. Though I've been playing GT3 since I was a kid, I just get started to make liveries and decals on GT7.

Since March I've made 220+ liveries and 100+ decals, most of them are about anime. I'm lack of artistic touches, just try to kill some time, because I work free contracted, got plenty of available time.

I post this thread just to see if anyone willing to do 'follow for a follower', or just add psn so that we can discuss about decal making problems and discuss more livery idea. After all I think the best way to improve urself is to change ideas with other people. To me it's just like gardening or collecting old stamps, a special hobby. Therefore, I really want to get myself improve.

I see a lot of design these couple of days, notice that I still got plenty of space to improve. 🤔

Also, I know that many of the decals can only use by psn friends. This is also a reason why I post this thread.

I can speak both English and Japanese, learnt a few Deutsch and Chinese, but if u speak other languages, u are also welcome since we have this translator thing:cheers:

I'll put some of my work below, just let u guys to see if any of these get ur interests.



跑车浪漫旅™ 7_20220503131951.jpg




Again, if any of these attract u, please follow me or add my PSN. Just search for word 'chainsawman' on decal search, u can see me. Since I'm the only person upload ChainsawMan decals right now.
United States
Hi there do you do decal conversion especially complex ones, like anime I have one, I like to apply on a car, if not there are always anime characters in the library of GT7 ?
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