New Forum Topic Request: Automobilista 2


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You guys would know better than I if there's much activity regarding this game and whether it is even warranted. But now that it is officially 'Released" I'd like to request it is given its own Topic forum under the "Games" Category. Hoping it gains traction, both the game and thread. :)
Unfortunately, the community at large doesn't seem to be particularly interested in the game. I see its general discussion thread gets a few posts per day, but there's not enough activity there to warrant a dedicated forum.

I don't like empty forums with one or two active threads, and I think those types of threads generally get more attention when they are in a busy forum like Console & PC Gaming.
I kinda figured that, figured I'd inquire regardless. Shot in the dark. Time will tell if troops can be rallied to gain some momentum. Appreciate your time.