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    Need help from all you Easter Egg hunters to investigate this new really hidden one that I just discovered today. As far as I can gather it's a completely brand new one, so in that event, I'll lay claim to the discovery as I have done in the past with other finds in the various GT series over the years as many of you know. So this one rest assured is for real. BUT, I have tried and tried to duplicate it with various means, but to no avail. My only guess at this point is it must be like a first time thing where you take a photo in that direction cause I'm stumped. Here's how it went down for me today. I have thousands of GT photos I've taken in the past that on various occasions I will view with the PS3 in slideshow. While doing so today something caught my eye, so I stopped the slideshow view to investigate. Note that when I take any GT6 photos I always use the "2" magnification setting and then export to my PS3. I went to the "unaltered" photo below that I had taken some time ago from the "gallery". You know one of those sample display tracks you can use in gallery being that of Death Valley. Low and behold I noticed that there was a girlie type mystery girl who appeared to be sitting on one of the plane wings. (See right aircraft). I wanted to investigate further to do a new photo blown up real close for you guys, but no matter what I did I couldn't get her to show again or duplicate. Since some have you guys have never taken a photo at that location... maybe like I said before it may only work with the first one taken, but that is just only a guess at this point. Let us know here if any of you hunters are able to duplicate it and how ya did it...


    Death Valley Sample Track Private Airport And Aircraft With Mystery Girl On Wing.jpg