New Global Project cars club – Looking for Admins

Discussion in 'Project CARS 1' started by Aviator777, Oct 16, 2016.

  1. Aviator777


    Hello everyone,
    First , moderators, if I am violating any post rules here or in the wrong section please let me know and I will delete it right away .However it all pours into the same game and passion :)

    To the point,

    I am starting up a new socal platform/club for project cars players all over the world and it will host weekend events and full championships with real rewards and points, team competition and team hiring for new stars coming up .. and the website will also have have :
    -user profiles ( wall,pics,messaging, profile,etc)
    -Knowledge Data base & guides and tips
    -Groups and teams created by users.
    -downloads and add-ons
    -Live chat
    And much more

    I am now looking for 5 great players with good in game time to admin the site with me and admin events along with race directing .
    also for brain storming on new creative ideas

    If you are interested pm me and I will get the details sent your way.

    See you on the track ;)