{new} Junko Drift Team

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    Hello there, I am starting up a new drift team friendly to all drifters {Muscle, Tuner, Exotics} As long as everyone has fun drifting, it's cool.

    Now the name "Junko" Is from where you may ask? It is an anime characters name from the visual novel/ Anime called Danganronpa. the reason I chose this name is because of her wildness, craziness, and just being a crazy person overall. That's what I'm all about when i drift.

    No required PSN names. As long as I have you in my little database, I know you're in.

    Crew Color: Blue & Pink

    No disrespecting group leader(s)

    No Racism

    No Hate (unless negative feedback on drifting and such)

    Meet Rules:

    ~Don't have to attend.

    ~LISTEN to admins, ex locations, direction, ETC

    We may have 2-3 lobbies of meets if our group gets too big.


    Want to join?

    Comment and we'll hold trials once the leaders and you have free time to do so.
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