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    Hey there guys, Im shaksta, or PSN known as "darkserge11".

    From a little place down south called New Zealand

    I've started playing the Gran Turismo games when GT3 came out (Played GT3, then went back down to GT2 and GT1 on the ps1, then got GT4 and eventually GT5 and only just got GT6 3 days ago) :D

    I've played all my life using the controller but with GT6, I managed to get a DFGT wheel so im taking time getting used to it right now :s its looking good so far, I think I've caught up to my normal speed with some cars.

    Being a 17 year old, I've played pretty much all the Call of Duty games since Mw2, but i'm out of shooters right now and really into Racing games.
    I've played like all the NFS games, I've got Assetto Corsa (Haven't set up wheel for it yet so I've only actually played the game for 20 minutes total) and a bunch of other games..

    In this community, my ultimate goal is to improve my driving skills :) I'm not the fastest driver out there but I enjoy a good heated race (as long as its clean <.<)
    I want to improve enough so that I can take part in those WRS things I hear about so much (If someone could just explain how that works, and all, i'd appreciate it)

    PSN: darkserge11
    Feel free to add me :D:D
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    Welcome mate :)
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    I think you have it the wrong way around;). There are tons of people with different skill levels in the WRS. From new to the game, to some of the fastest in the world.

    In the WRS, there are 4 divisions separated into bronze, silver, and gold, with the highest being Division 1 Gold and lowest being Division 4 bronze. New drivers get placed in a division after they take part in 3 TT's. Every week there is a time trial released on the weekend. You have 1 week(deadline is Monday night) to set the best time you can. In the threads, if a track has 3 sectors, you are allowed to post you sector 1 and 2 split times, but you don't know anyone else's lap time until the deadline. This is what the leaderboards look like. There are usually around 50 submissions each week(it's still early in the week, that's why there's only 15 right now). Along with the TT's, there are 3 races(one on Saturday, two on Wednesday) each week that are the same car/track combo as the TT. Every once in a while there is a special event. The last one was a 2.4 hour mixed class endurance race at Fuji, which was tons of fun. There is no requirement on how many events you have to do, just do whatever ones you want. Also everyone is very friendly and fun to be around. Any more questions, feel free to ask.
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    Welcome to our cult :cheers:
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    Welcome from the other side of mother earth.
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    A wheel will help you immensely in getting used to driving a real car -especially with a decent sim, and I see you have immersed yourself in racing games which is a good start. Gran Turimo is a great start in learning driving skills, too, because of the plethora of ordinary street cars and a multitude of track situations, teaching you from the basics and honing your skills as you develop.
    A wheel surely will enhance that experience for you.

    Welcome to GTPlanet. :cheers: In addition to the wheel and Gran Turismo you'll find no better place to improve your skills.
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