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Hi and welcome to GT Planet.

You will find us a very friendly bunch here and the forums contain a lot of information for anyone interested in the Gran Turismo series, a lot of which we get before anyone else.

I can also guess that in your eagerness to post and ask questions you skipped right past the AUP. Which is a shame because you will find that GT Planet is not quite like a lot of the web; we take the quality of our members and the contributions they make rather seriously.

So I would ask that prior to posting you take a few minutes to read the AUP and then make every effort to follow all of it when posting. Common problems concern spam posting (pointless comments that turn a thread into a chat room - not allowed) and the use of text speak (not permitted in any way).

Be aware that should you break the AUP a member of staff will likely warn you (this may be in public or via a Private Message), take this warning seriously, you will almost certainly not get another.

Following offences will result in a harsher response, up to and including a ban, and I'm quite sure that no one would want that.

Now the purpose of this thread is not to scare you, follow the AUP and you will not have a problem.

You can read the AUP at any time using the link at the bottom of every page, or by clicking here....

Thank you for you time in reading this and once again welcome to GT Planet.




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United States
I would like to add another point:

If you have just registered, there is a good chance that your posts may get caught in our spam filter. We mods try to check the spam filter as often as possible, but we can’t check it every single second of the day. So, if you make a post and submit it, but it doesn’t show up, please assume that your post has been sent to the spam filter and will be approved by a moderator in due time (in other words, don’t make a duplicate post – very very rarely will a post not show up because of a technical problem). If your post does not show up within 24 hours, then please submit a request to the Site Feedback forum. But please wait 24 hours before doing so.
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