New narrative-led open-world driving game from ex Forza Horizon devs, to be published by Amazon Games

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Ex-Forza Horizon Developers Partner With Amazon to Create New Open-World Driving Game

Amazon Games has announced a collaboration with Maverick Games, a new studio founded by the creative forces behind the Forza Horizon series. The partnership is set to deliver a narrative-led, open-world driving game, which will be available on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S...
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I can't see it happening like what I'm dreaming about, but Imagine choosing a life as a bus driver, truck driver, taxi driver, delivery driver, stay at home parent shuffling kids to school, highway patrol officer, fire brigade driver, paramedic, race car driver, street racer, interstate traveller. A true open world would be awesome.
Every attempt at making a racing game with an interesting story has been somewhere between mediocre and laughable. I'm not saying they can't do it, but I'm not holding my breath.
2. Not all, but some of the main people did. Mike Brown is working on this game, Andy Ward & Ben Thaker-Fell left to join Gavin Raeburn's new studio Lighthouse.
Left in 22. FH5 came out in 21.

Just wanted to dispel the notion that FH5 is the way it is because “the devs left a long time ago” when in fact they very much worked on the game and left fairly recently.
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Just these early titbits of information make the game sound incredibly exciting. Hopefully this is the firm kick in the nuts that the modern racing game genre so desperately needs.
Yes please, Amazon Games Studios , hire this team and many other talented teams, and spend some of your empire of dirt to create new next gen massive gameplay, & esp to reward them handsomely for their talent and create new gaming divisions, bring back tried and true formulas of past legacy games, such as RTS, Adventure, Strategy, aRPG, and Sim, and go big with these, it is your calling to do so, Amazon. There is much needed space, and current compeition has too much of a stranglehold on such IP, not naming names, but everyone is implicated in such licensing ways, batter up Amazon I think it's your calling to move them all down 1 echelon. I for one cannot wait to drive a Prime truck around the Nurburgring, would make Sabine Schmitz proud.
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