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Hi all. This is for gauging interested.

Have you tried team v team racing?
Do you participate in a league but would rather race WITH your mates instead of AGAINST them?
How good is your league?

Do you want to do it as a championship?

General concept:-
Each team comprises of up to 8 drivers, the objective is to get as many of your drivers finishing ahead of the opposing team as possible. Whichever team manages to get the highest average finish, wins the match. 3 points for a match win, 1 for a draw. Match points are collected into a league table. Each team races each other “home” and “away”, the winner of the championship is the team with the most points. Yeah, a bit like that global sport where they kick a ball about.

Having tried this first-hand several times (Green Light Sim Racing versus On The Limit) I've discovered team racing is immense fun and creates a completely new style of racing that is often extremely close, very tactical and creates a unique bond with your league friends, unlike any other form of sim racing. And even if you’re not very fast, as long as you beat just one member of the opposing team, you have value.

This is not intended to replace the league racing you may already be doing but an addition to it. So I'm looking for people wanting to take part (obviously!), league admins and team captains.

To get a better idea of how team racing works and how much fun it is, have a look at this (website link in the video description) :
At the moment this is very much WIP so is open to suggestions. The main problem would be one of admin and coordination to run the league itself, so I would be looking for the support of current league admins but can largely handle this bit myself.

Why not bring leagues together and have some competitive fun?
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Wow that sounds like an awesome idea. What do you mean with the home and away? Each team would pick car track combo for the there home races? Also there is a few leagues using different assists and settings ect ect. And like you said the organisation of this would be a ****ing nightmare. But at the same time could be a brilliant thing to be part of.

Or are you talking 1 car class?
Sounds like a good idea @mattikake and good comments @jod08

Have you thought about what day? I'm thinking that Friday or Saturday evening might suit people from my league. I like the home and away idea so when home you could host with your preferred assists (or lack of) etc. Perhaps a fortnightly meeting so people have the intervening week for team practise.
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
Forgot I posted this!

So the home and away thing was about creating a "home advantage" for one team that can choose the car, track, conditions and lobby specifics to suit themselves.

Originally a fortnightly idea as the admin overhead would be huge but if team captains from different leagues get to manage their teams themselves it would make it manageable (as normally happens with team v team inter-league matches I've been involved in before). And as said, it gives time to organise and practice for team captains. I have already thought about the times to arrange matches between teams - opposing team captains would be free to select a date and time that suits them, rather than do it on a specific day. Ideally when I'm free to commentate and/or managed it - currently Mon, Wed, Fri evenings and Sat and Sun daytimes and evenings.

Nothing to stop a non league captain creating their own team from scratch either. It wouldn't have to be solely pc2 leagues.

So really this is about fishing for interest and support. If you think this is a workable idea spread the word...

I already know how I can manage such a championship myself and that would be mostly through communicating through the team/league captains. I'd never expect to have to talk to individual drivers.

I already put together a website for it where a lot of what you two queried is already catered for. Worth checking it out as you'll get a much better idea of my thoughts but you can't post links here hence there is a link in the YouTube video description.
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