New to GT6!

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 6' started by mikeymr, Feb 6, 2018.

  1. mikeymr


    Hi all

    I've been a long time lurker around here but finally joined up. Had GTs from the beginning and also have GT Sport on the go.

    However, reason for writing was to ask if there was anything important I should do with GT6 before they turn off the servers and before me and my boys miss out. I bought it mainly for my 9 year old who got very excited when he saw the lunar rover mission!

    Thanks in advance :-)
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  2. photonrider


    Welcome to GTPlanet. Are you new to GT6 or to GTPlanet? Permit me some confusion caused by the title of your discussion.. . .

    The laser tracks made by friends will disappear - if they are helpful in achieving your goals use them now.
    Lobbies will be a thing of the past - enjoy what you can now.
    Making easy money via the log in bonus and Seasonal events will also evaporate - make some credits now while they are easily available. When you reach your cap invest in cars that can be resold or buy up accessories for your present cars - wheels, paint, upgrades, etc.

    Hurry, hurry, hurry.. . . :mischievous:
  3. mikeymr


    Thanks for the advice photonrider

    New to GT6 and only just registered on GTPlanet :-)
  4. bjl23

    bjl23 Premium

    Once the servers go down you can join the AI HUB. It's run by photonrider. And you can join now.
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  5. Sander 001

    Sander 001

    Feels like I'm new to GT6 too because I never played it with a wheel and wow! It really feels like there's much more going on with the physics GT6 compared to GT Sport. GT Sport's physics seem really watered down by comparison. I played GT6 to death but now trying it again with a G29 and I really want to go through everything again.

    Gt6's physics feel much more like Project Cars 2.
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  6. VBR

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    The sheer amount of detail they managed to get out of the FFB in GT6 was incredible. When I got Assetto Corsa, it reminded me of it as the FFB was so similar. And, unlike GT Sport, you can set the FFB to 10/10 without any fear of the G29 clipping. The Nord in a stock X-Bow Street on CS tyres with all aids off was my fav drive (try it if you dare).

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