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    Hi everyone, been a while since ive been active around here. Im an old time GT fan and gamer and I just bought PS4 to play GT Sport. Ive done the two first stages (out of 3?) of the licenses and bought my firs car (Viper GTS 2002).

    I want to ask this community about some tips to get started and Im open for any suggestions :) I play with DS4 controller. Also trying to add some racingstripes to my Viper after ive painted it but i cant seem to get the stripes right or i just have a hard time figuring out how to do it...

    Im glad to be back and part of this community again and Im looking forward to race online tho i will focus on the career mode for now..

    PSN: MisbrukerREVO
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  2. splitwindow


    Welcome back to the game bud.
    This game is quite different to past iterations of the franchise and the licence tests, GT league, and other things take a pretty big back seat to the online sport mode racing.

    I'd say that if you can get gold times in the Circuit Experience challenges then you're ready to jump in to the daily online races with both feet.
    It will be a little rough to start with but you'll be ranked down the bottom with similarly inexperienced players and with a little persistence you should find your footing before long.

    Just be warned, at the lower rankings you'll encounter many people who are total trolls or are highly skilled and have deliberately dropped down to farm some easy wins, as well as some skilled guys who are starting new alternate accounts and will disappear into the distance leaving you wondering what you're doing wrong.

    But as I said, if you can get gold times in the CE challenges then that's enough of a starting point to get in there and have ago.
    Mistakes will be made when you first start out but don't freak out about it, just stick at it and you'll settle into it and start improving before you know it.

    Career mode is pretty much a non event once you discover the excitement and addiction of online sport mode.
    Any questions or troubles you have don't hesitate to ask for help here, plenty of good folk in this forum always happy to help out a fellow journeyman.
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  3. o9lifted


    Thanks for your reply. So many new tracks that ive never raced so CE will do me good :)
  4. StPeterMartyr


    Hi @Misbruker

    Less than 4 months ago I was a GT Sport newbie as you are now. I can tell you one big mistake I made: trying to figure out a few essential game options before having all the updates installed (which took ages). I was very annoyed by the DS4 vibration, way too strong for my liking, and could not find any way to turn the strength down. All this just when I was still downloading scores of updates - including the 1.53 (that added Laguna Seca). I played for 7 or 8 weeks before finding out it had even added a "Vibration Strength setting, under the [Controller] > [Vibration Function] menu" :lol:
    Should you have any such doubt about the game, have a look at RACECAR's "GT Sport Undocumented Changes Threads", they can be quite useful to read.
    Here's a list link:[title_only]=1&c[node]=358&c[user][0]=33994

    happy gaming! :tup:
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  5. sirjim73


    One big difference to prior games is the gifting of a car every day if you drive more than 26.1 miles (marathon length). The cars are predetermined on the "wheel of misfortune", but if you are lucky then for the initial days/weeks you'll be given lots of the "cheaper" cars for free without needing to buy then.

    You also get a free car every time you gold a Circuit Experience and when you gold an entire level of Mission Events (licence tests). Which is another reason to clear these first, before moving on. You also get a "surprise" or two when you complete 100% of the Mission Events :sly:

    With luck, you might well get a car gifted in a number of categories this way, including the racing categories GR1, GR2, and especially GR3 and GR4, the last 2 are in most weekly "Daily Races" in Sport mode.

    Watch out also for Mileage Points. These are useful for upgrading garage cars for offline, but when playing online the car will be BoP'd so any upgrading is negated. They can also buy you paints, wheels and the Road cars and Safety Cars in Mileage Exchange. The cars change every 2 weeks, the paints and wheels and other items every week. However, you can't use the Road cars and Safety Cars online, although they are very competitive in the lower category GT League events.

    The game economy is very skewed, online payouts are much lower than offline. You'll find that the best paying GT League events you'll have available will be Professional races in GR1, X2014 Standard, and the infamous Blue Moon Bay race in the second Professional event. The Professional events unlock when you reach level 20.

    Lastly, happy gaming and happy driving :gtpflag:
  6. Chevy Heavy

    Chevy Heavy

    United States
    Just like to add that on the left you will find a Discover tab. Here you will find full liveries and decals for dressing up your cars. You mentioned a problem with applying stripes. At the bottom of the livery editor there is an option in one of the tabs to apply decals to surface or to camera. Position the camera on the car where you want the decal to go. There is a thread here if you have any more questions.
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    Haven’t seen it specifically outlined yet but I’d recommend holding off purchasing cars until you’ve done a majority of the circuit experiences. Each track grants a free car, and there’s a fair chance you could win something on your “want” list worth under ~2-5 mil (it seems expensive cars were removed or set to an extra low chance on the wheel since early 2018), this way you can save your cash for the pricy-er cars. My friend started the game this week and with his first two CEs and a daily reward he got a Porsche 996, 930, and Gr. 4 Cayman. (boy was I jealous :lol:)

    If you go into sport mode know that the first 5-10 races will vary greatly as it’s trying to figure out where to place you, it starts to get fun once the algorithm has started to calibrate your matches to players of similar pace and skill level.
  8. 05XR8


    To add, this is also for anyone starting new game and getting the game first hand. You will receive many cars without buying them. After completing Driving School, Mission Challenge, Circuit Experience, Lewis Hamilton Time Trial Challenge and 4 days of Daily Workout Gift cars, total garage cars without buying any, is 63.
    As mentioned above about receiving cars you want. It's possible you'll get more than what's needed! ;) the BRZ Drift car, Robles of the R8 LMS GT3, RCZ rally car & GR.4 Viper. So far. The total also includes, two Lexus RC F cars on loan, for the FIA Manufacturers Cup races.

    In my profile, are stats to show just how much Cr and Mileage Points are available*

    I have the time, so did all of this in Play time 17 hours, distance 2,008kms, time driven 12hours.

    Next I'm doing all the Arcade Single Races vs AI and the Campaign GT League races. The higher the GT League tier, the more Cr. is awarded. Have fun!

    *This includes participation in three FIA races and one Daily Race B, which added about 200,000 Cr. and just over 1,000 mileage points
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