New York 200 Miles - Failed *Redo* Passed

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    New York 200 Miles Endurance
    Car: Honda NSX-R Concept
    HP: 306(?)
    Points: 200

    Line Up
    1. Mercedes SL 65 AMG '04
    2. TVR Cerbera Speed Six '9
    3. TVR T350C '03
    4. Lotus Motor Sport Elise '99
    5. Aston Martin V8 Vantage '99
    6. Honda NSX-R Concept

    Lap 1
    So all of the cars, except for the Vantage, are faster than mine on the straights. Got past the Vantage on the first corner and the Elise on the last corner.

    Lap 2
    Ouch, T350 went straight into the second corner on the second straight.

    Lap 3
    Speed Six is going to be a good competitor. Just passed me into lap 3, I'm 0.030 seconds behind. I'm going about 140mph and he's just flying by, I'd guess 155mph or 160mph.

    Lap 4
    Finally found a clean opening to get past the Speed Six. All the cars seem to crash into the corner that the T350 did on lap 2. (The turn after the hairpin)

    Lap 5
    This guy's kind of annoying... I just want to do my thing on the corners, but he has to fly past me on every straight and go slowly through the corners blocking me.

    Lap 10
    5.782 seconds behind the Speed Six crossing into the 10th lap. No one else is in sight. We're 16 minutes in, and my S1 tires are a nice lime green.

    Lap 13
    Best lap time 1'48.036. +9.794 seconds behind the Speed Six. My front right tire is yellow but the rest are lime.

    Lap 18/19
    First person to pit is the Vantage, he's just getting into lap 18 while I'm almost entering lap 19 though. I'm thinking of pitting too, because my right front tire is a dark orange and my left front is orange while the backs are yellow. I might be able to pass the Speed Six when he has to pit later on as well. Ouch, spoke too soon, he just went into the pit, looks like I'm going into the pit as well. S1/S2 for me. Everyone except the Lotus has gone into the pit now.

    Lap 20
    10.7 seconds behind the Speed Six.

    Lap 24
    The Lotus has finally gone into the pit.

    Lap 26
    Best lap time 1'47.571. +6.269 seconds behind the Speed Six. Lapped the Vantage on the back stretch.

    Lap 29
    Best lap time 1'47.251. +8.782 seconds behind the Speed Six. I have no idea how I'm going to win this...

    Lap 34
    1 hour in, I'm 12 seconds behind the Speed Six. I think I'm just wasting my time. Lapped the Lotus. Time for a break.

    Lap 37
    It's pit time again for everyone but the Lotus, except I'm not going in this time. Lets try to switch things up.

    Lap 39
    I had to pit, my tires were getting funky. The Speed Six passed me while I was in the pit.

    Lap 40
    +10.5 seconds behind the Speed Six... This is rather annoying.

    Lap 48
    Okay I give up. I'm getting contant lap times of 1'48.*** but now he's +18 seconds on me... I'm gonna go into the pits next lap and b-spec the rest of this because I've already been playing for 1.5 hours and I should at least get the second place prize money.

    Lap 73
    I had to do this one a-spec because Bob was getting killed out there. The T350C almost caught up and the Speed Six lapped me.

    Finishing Line Up
    1. TVR Cerbera Speed Six '94
    2. Honda NSX-R Concept
    3. TVR T350C '03
    4. Mercedes SL 65 AMG '04
    5. Lotus Motor Sport Elise '99
    6. Aston Martin V8 Vantage '99

    Damn, I accidentally went past the menu to view the replay so I couldn't get any pictures.
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    Whop whop whop...(you know, that tune cartoons play when something bad happens)
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    Yeah, it was annoying. Wasted like 2 hours as well. After I posted this I was debating on whether I should delete the thread or not... lol
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    Yeah, i think you should delete this topic and try this race again when you have the chance. Besides, i don't think you're allowed to use B-Spec Bob in a race report like this...
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    Do I have to contact a mod to delete it or can I somehow?
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    I've known of no rule here though A-spec mode reports are usually better accepted.

    In general just because you've lost a race doesn't mean it's not useful to someone, read Smallhorses race loss at one of the Le Sarthe 24 hours.
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    Yeah, if it wasn't for that Speed Six, I would have smashed the competition easily.

    Very nice report as well Smallhorses. I knew it had to have been possible, I didn't think I could get 200 points though. Don't worry though, I'll be back trying this race again, either today or tomorrow probably. I'll just add it to this thread and edit the title.
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    Track: New York
    Power: 301
    Points: 200

    1. Lotus Esprit Sport 350 '00
    2. Aston Martin V8 Vantage '99
    3. Mercedes SL 65 AMG (R230) '04
    4. BMW M5 '05
    5. Dodge Viper GTS '99
    6. Honda NSX-R Concept '01


    Lap 1
    Started off nicely, got up to second place right in front of the Vantage. The Lotus is bolting it however. I also forgot to fix the setup of this car before I began, last time I felt a bit too much overstreer but oh well this will have to do.


    Lap 5
    1.8 seconds behind the Lotus. He speeds away on the straights but I always catch him on the turns.


    Lap 6
    That damn punk. He thinks he can just fly down the long straight and smack me in the back almost causing me to fly into a wall at the hairpin? I'll show him who's daddy.

    Lap 11
    It's all about exit speed on the last turn. If I get good exit speed we'll be neck and neck at the hairpin, if I don't get good exit speed he blows past me before the finish line. We've basically been running neck and neck this whole race so far. A lot more exciting then getting killed by that Speed Six.

    Lap 18
    The Vantage and I have gone into the pit, coming out in third.


    Lap 22
    BMW M5's first pit, presenting me second place. I wonder when the Lotus is going to pit.

    Lap 23
    There he goes, finally the Lotus pits... 33+ seconds ahead of me. Viper goes into the pit as well.


    Lap 27
    Pass the Lotus finally. Now I'm just going to have to last 3 or 4 more laps without pitting this time around and maybe I'll win... heh.

    Lap 28
    Jeez, this guy's dying fast. He seems to be crashing a lot more and I'm getting away from him rather easily.

    Lap 29
    Best Lap Time: 1'48.284. I'm 4.951 seconds ahead of the Lotus.

    Lap 30
    Best Lap Time: 1'47.693. I'm 7.287 seconds ahead of the Lotus. I'm not sure what's going wrong with his car, he seems to slide into everything. I'm also right behind the Vantage. I can't remember if this is the second time I've lapped him or the first.

    Lap 35
    1 hour in and I'm a few seconds ahead of the Lotus still.

    Lap 36
    What a son of a bitch. He nailed me into the corner while he seamlessly takes the corner perfectly after using me as his brakes. In other news, the Vantage went into the pit.

    Lap 37
    The Benz has gone into the pit, and so have I.


    Lap 45
    There goes the BMW M5. The Lotus is about 33 seconds ahead of me.

    Lap 46
    Best Lap Time: 1'47.605. I thought the Lotus would have pitted on this lap, since he pitted on 23 and 23+23=46. Oh well, more time for me to catch up.

    Lap 47
    There he goes, the Lotus is into the pits with the Viper.

    Lap 50
    Passed the Lotus, with 26 laps left to go. I believe I am ****ed when it comes to having to pit...

    Lap 54
    Another pit for the Vantage. I'm not sure if I should pit next lap or hold out a little bit longer. I don't NEED to pit right now, but if I do pit then maybe my tires will last for the rest of the race and I might be able to overtake the Lotus. It's also better to go into the pits when he's behind me rather than in front of me.

    Lap 55
    Into the pit I go with a 7.9 second lead. Coming out +16 seconds behind, not that bad. End of the lap I'm +14 seconds.


    Lap 64
    Lapped the Benz. 17.3 seconds away from the Lotus now... According to my calculation he should be pitting on the 70th or the 71st lap, even though my tires should be red by then...

    Lap 68
    Okay I have a plan, I'll shut off the Playstation and go and cry- wait! no! I'll stick with him as close as I can until he goes into the pit on lap 70/71, and by then my tires will be at least dark orange but I might be able to manage one or two more laps without slidding. He however will be sliding into every corner like he has been waiting for his tires to warm up. So either I'm completly wrong and going about this all wrong, or this is going to be a really really close race.

    Lap 70
    Just as I suspected, he's in the pit and my front right tire is light orange.

    Lap 72
    10.8 seconds ahead of the Lotus.

    Lap 75
    My tire is now red and I'm about 10 seconds ahead of the Lotus still. I have to round the corners at a much slower pace now.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Lap 76
    Final lap. My lap times have increased by 2 or 3 seconds, heh. I've got 11.6 seconds on the Lotus. I've got this. Oh god, I'm doing 30mph on turns that I used to do at 50mph or 60mph... Last lap time, 1:54. Won by 7.947 seconds.

    Total time 2:20'00.608.

    1. Honda NSX-R Concept '01
    2. Lotus Esprit Sport 350 '00
    3. BMW M5 '05
    4. Mercedes SL 65 AMG (R230) '04
    5. Dodge Viper GTS '99
    6. Aston Martin V8 Vantage '99

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    I enjoyed reading both races (including the one you lost). At least you didn't give up! :tup:
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    Glad to see another good report and pictures! Congrats on the 200 point win! :cheers: Feels good doesn't it?!!!

    Just out of interest, you mentioned a "setup" for the car as you had oversteer? What modifications had been made to your NSX-R, or are you talking about driving aids?

    I ran the car with no driving aids, an oil change and S1 tyres, but other than that no modifications and had a fast lap of 1'48.9xx, given that your fast lap is 1.3s quicker and you were able to beat the Esprit (my stock car couldn't), I'm guessing there's at least a race suspension & maybe S2 tyres on there?
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    major props to you!!! you stuck it out and had a smarter strategy at the second try. I haven't aspec'd any endurance races because i haven't the time, but anyways i can't now, My PS2 is Dead:banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :censored: :censored: :censored:
    lasted me 9 years though RIP.