Newbie Advice on a good wheel and pedals?

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I haven’t played Gran Turismo or any other racing game in ages. But I have always played racing games on controller. But I was curious what would be a good wheel and pedal bundle to start out with? I’ve done some research and which my possible budget I think im landing on Logitech G29. Anybody got personal reviews of this setup? Also any other suggestions are very much appreciated and wanted!! From what I can tell by basic research online the Fanatec DD Pro/1/2 are more quiet, more responsive and more feedback.. so anybody that has either please leave your opinions. Or if there is a cheaper alternative that I haven’t mentioned that is just as good please recommend! Thanks in advance guys!!
I’m in the same boat and think the choice is very much between the Logitech G29 and the Thrustmaster T150. The Thrustmaster is cheaper, but unless you get the more experienced Pro version, the pedals are terrible. Also I think the T150 is being discontinued now and is getting harder to find. But I like the feel of it, 1080 degree rotation, it’s basic but feels pretty solidly made I think. Also I think it has better FFB.

The G29 feels more substantial and better made, has better pedals and is supposed to be more reliable and durable. You can see why it’s the most popular entry level wheel. But as a drawback the FFB is meant to be worse than the T150 and personally I prefer the feel of the Thrustmaster, the harder feel vs the leather of the G29.

I haven’t bought either yet, came close to buying a T150 today, ex store demonstrator for a discount, but bailed out deciding I didn’t want to risk a store demo that’s probably been abused over the years, so I’m going to go for the G29 I think. £200 ish doesn’t seem bad.

Forgot to say, there are cheaper wheels out there like some Thrustmaster Ferrari editions etc and other makes like the Hori(?) which is really cheap, but I think consensus is that they’re not up to much. A G29 or T150 seem to be the minimum if you want a ‘proper’ wheel.
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I can only comment on the G29; the pedals are the best thing about the Logitech G series, and with pedal mods when mounted to a frame they are a brilliant bit of entry level to mid range kit. The wheel, however, is another story; the tech inside is from the 2000's and it's really beggining to show its age (particularly the lack of a belt drive). There are much better wheels out there now, and a lot of them. That said, if you've never used a wheel before the G29 is an acceptable and perfectly servicable budget to midrange affair. But, I'd personally go for a second hand one off a good ebay seller rather than pay full price new, as IMHO, they are over priced for what they offer.

Personally, I 've used Logitech wheels since 2001, still do (G923 at present, with a G29 as back up), and am happy enough to carry on using them for the foreseeable future.
I just got the 8nm ddpro and load cell kit with my bundle. I've had it 3 days. The first day was full of regret. The second day I figured out how it works. Today I love it so much I can't stop playing it. There was (is still) a steep learning curve for me and I have zero experience with any sim wheel other than this one so I can't speak to those but I do believe it was worth waiting for high mid range kit over buying a more entry level wheel. For me. That's probably not the case at all for most, though and there are plenty of folks who are way way faster than I am with much much less investment. I will say I've never enjoyed GT more than I do currently and I've had every single version of the game sold beginning with the original back in the day.