Next Level Racing HF8 - Haptic Feedback Gaming Pad (NLR-G001)

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United States
I'm curious if anyone here has used this along with simhub and GT7? I've gotten GT7 and simhub communicating together and right now using this along with the PSVR 2 and GT7 has been great!

However, I'm very new to sim racing and have never used sim hub before. I'm just using the default profile and although it does add immersion everything just feels a bit muddy.

I was hoping someone could share thier profile settings in simhub using this haptic seat pad that provides a less muddy more detailed experience.
Hey I have some similar questions as you. I have a PSVR2, Fanatec DD Pro, and Omega line cockpit.

I also have never used sim hub before.
If I don’t want to hook into a laptop, is the Next Level Racing HF8 worth it? How loud is the HF8? (Want it to be silent/very quiet as I race at night while family is asleep)