NFS 2021 - A Thread

Discussion in 'Need For Speed' started by Clanky Deer, May 17, 2020.

  1. Clanky Deer

    Clanky Deer

    Now it looks like Heat won't have another update unfortunately.

    So I decided to make an official thread about the next NFS game.

    You can reply with questions, answers, whatever you want!

    - Will Nfs 2021 be good as Heat?
    - Which cars you expect to see making their debut and cars you expect to see making a return to the series?
    - Will customization come back?
    - Will the circuit races be closed like Heat or they will be opened again?
    - Do you expect any story?
    - What Nfs 2021 should have in multiplayer and single player that HEAT didn't have?
    - The soundtrack will be rap, Latin or they will divide the soundtrack by genre (Pop, Rock, Eletro, Dance, Rap, Latin)?
    - Will cops be strong as in Heat or they'll be similar to NFS 2012 cops?
    - Do you expect Challenge Series to return?
    - We will be able to select and or create our avatars like in Heat?
    - Will Drag Race return?

    Comment anything you want below.
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    United Kingdom
    There is already a thread discussing the Next NFS.