NFS Heat Cop Baiting

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Basically a how to on luring and evading cops

As it stands we already have a solid idea to lure cops, especially at night, but are there some finer details as to evade them or even prolong a pursuit at night.

We know if there are jumps near by, especially water jumps there's a good chance of escape, but to maximise a haul of RP we need to guidance on behaviours and plays to make sure we aren't ducking for cover at every turn.

As such I would like every view and experience documented here to help gain as much RP from an evening as possible.

To Start cops often congregate at the point you elude them. This give gaps to evade them and work around them to another event. More over open roads and getting away from built up areas can be a saviour as more cops swarm settlements and with destructable scenery you can cut cross country more easily, within a city as well as rurally. Use this to your advantage evading detection (not great for evading capture).