NFS: Most Wanted 2005 Ed -- corrupted

Discussion in 'Need For Speed' started by miketgm, Sep 21, 2019.

  1. miketgm


    hi there, i was planning to install Most Wanted on my pc to play it again. but while it installs an error showed
    (the disc is bit scratched)
    "(CARS\911TURBO\VINYLS.BIN) is missing or corrupt. Would you like to try to copy the file again or cancel installation?)

    then i choose to cancel the installation and find the file that was missing, then i found 4 .zip files in the installation disc
    (this folder contains the files to be copied to the computer)

    then (CARS\911TURBO\VINYLS.BIN) was in the file
    i checked this using WinRAR

    i tested all the files inside
    then if found out that there are a bunch of files missing like

    and vinyl .bin

    Is there any someone who have a Most Wanted installation disc and send me the 3 file
    that would be great... !!!!