NFS Payback Trial

United Kingdom
United Kingdom
Hi guys.
I have played the 10 hr EA Access trial of NFS Payback and while I am a little impressed it also takes alot of steps back.
Online freeroam seems to be there to an extent but the world is empty. I like the older games where the world was alive you had activities and icons all over the world where you can do stuff together.

This seems like you just constantly do speedlist events and online freeroam is just like an after thought and just the lobby where you hang in the open world which is empty until the host triggers a race.

Also what is it with the texture load in on Xbox One when your car loads online into the world you see all the car in low res detail and then awful pop up textures as they load from basic to smooth that sides nasty.

Not sure if this game is all glitz and Vegas glam but underneath it doesn't have the alive freeroam cruise and on the fly events like previous games.

I hope EA and Ghost patch all this in. As I can' help feel I am being ripped off at £49.99