Nice Gamesave, ITS ALL INSIDE.

Do you like my custom ride?

  • Nope looks like sh)t

    Votes: 5 62.5%
  • Hell yeah

    Votes: 3 37.5%
  • As long as it doesn't turn out to be a ford

    Votes: 1 12.5%
  • I like Hybrids so....

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100% completion, :)

76 cars including :eek:

Hybrids, 😈

Lamborghini Diablo, :P

FI cars, :odd:

$9,000,000,000, :lol:

All GOLD trophies including Licenses, :lol:

And lots of other goodies. :)
A MUST get file.

If you have no time or are afraid to hybrid a car then send me your gamefile and I will make it go realy realy fast, jack it up or down to be a monster truck or a Lowrider.

I do have one-of-a-kind vehicles too.


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I made it in Paint Shop

Saved it as a Jpg file.

My REAL ride is only half way done. Fully restored 93 Ford Tempo GL.

All I need is NOS, midnight blue/white stripes and among others, a new Engine.

I hate Fords but My dad just Gave it to me.

If i had a choice my first car would have been a 1982 DMC-12 De Lorean w/ chrome rims.


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I just madethat a few days ago how can it be old?

I recently upgraded to the latest sharkport software ver. 2.8 or which ever and it did fine.
*************RECENT DISCOVERY**************

This game save DOES lock up ONLY in SIM mode.
In Arcade mode it runs perfectly.

The Cars that I have made through Hybrid technology are great.

There is no reason now to go into SIM mode because The game status is at


and you have all themoney in the world not to mention all of the coolest cars.

SO, only download this if you want to.


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Just make sure you use "protection" if you decide to load this gamesave...
The Gamesave is only available through me,, or at GT3 tuners vault.

The save is SAFE! It will not, I reapeat WILL NOT screw up your PS2 or memory card.

If you like the SIM mode then only get it when your bored.

I would NOT send a faulty gamesave out.


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Are you sure the safe is save because if the save wasn't safe that wouldn't be very safe/save.
I'm sure it's safe cuz I am stiil playing it while fixing the error(s)

all my memory and circuits are still working better then ever.
I'm sure it's safe cuz I am stiil playing it while fixing the error(s)

all my memory and circuits are still working better then ever.

a NEW, better than ever, 100% SAFE, Gamesave is in progress.

It's nearly 75% completed.

All cars 90% modded
SOME race in gold trophies.

ALL licenses aquired in GOLD.

Still does include the Diablo w/ Escudo Engine.

F1 cars not inputted YET.

I call this the Beta version and you can have this one right now through me only, GT3 tuners vault will take a week.

PLZ no cold remarks.