Finished Nismo Festival 2015 - Open Event

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    A virtual recreation of the 2015 Nismo Event! The race lobby opens at 19:45 UTC and closes at 20:25 UTC. Here are the ground rules:

    1: All cars competing need to be derived from a Nissan vehicle. Here is a breakdown of what I am permitting to compete:​
    • Nissan: All cars from Dealership, including Vision GT
    • Nismo: All cars from Dealership
    • Infiniti: All cars from Dealership, including Vision GT
    • High End Performance: All cars from Dealership
    • Blitz: All cars from Dealership
    • Amuse:
      • Carbon R (R34) 2004
      • Amuse NISMO 380RS SuperLeggera
    • Mine's:
      • Mine's BNR34 SKYLINE GT-R V・spec N1 base 2000
      • Mine's BNR34 SKYLINE GT-R N1 base 2006
    • Opera Performance:
      • Opera Performance 350Z 2004
    • HKS:
      • Genki Hyper Silvia RS2 2004
    • Deltawing:
      • Deltawing sponsored by Nissan at Le Mans 2012
    • Gran Turismo:
      • Amuse/Opera Performance GRAN TURISMO 350Z RS
    2: Anything goes in terms of tuning, driver aids, PP, etc., so choose your favourite car and setup!

    3: Do not swear or play music over the mic. I would like this lobby to be friendly and spam-free.

    4: This event is only for fun.​
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