Nissan GT-R NiSMO 2014 Nurburgring Time Attack

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    Nissan GT-R NiSMO 2014 Nurburgring Time Attack

    Let's see some hot laps of this New GT-R monster. When some times come in I'll set up a leaderboard. Open for cars from stock to fully modified, only hacked car times are not allowed (sorry hackers) the 2 will be the main catagories and I'll split them into assist and no assist subcategories. For the modified cars post the PP of the car as it will give others drivers at that PP an idea of what the car is capable of at that performance level.

    Stock Class
    To be clear the car has to be tottaly stock, no oil change, no aftermarket spoiler, no racing brakes, no tire changes. Everything has to be exactly as it is when the car is bought new, even stock wheels.

    Modified Class
    These cars are unrestricted, anything that can be done to the car in the game is open to use however the driver must post the PP and tires used on the run. Again, no hacks of any kind are permitted.

    No Assist
    All driver assist must be turned off. All of them, no acceptions. This is for the drivers up to the challenge, if your looking for an acception this is not the class for you.

    With Assist
    All driving assist can be used EXCEPT SRF and Active Steering. Active Steering and SRF I think have no business on any leaderboard. Since SRF generates additional grip above the tires ability, it will pollute the rankings too much to let it slide. Active Steering is not something that can be found on real cars, so I don't think it should be allowed. ASM, TCS & ABS are all real world tech (even if different in the game) they are allowed.
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