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Who will be interessted about to "repead" this race at Gran Turismo Sport as a "short" 120 minutes race at the Circuit de la Sarthe without chicanes? Only with cars wich fit that time.
Ferrari 330 P4 / Ford Mark IV / Ford GT 40 / Shelby Daytona + GT 350 + Cobra 427 / Ferrari 250 GTO / Chevrolet Corvette.

Please let me know who like to take part before I start to work on details. It only make sense if there will be 12 drivers or more for this race.

Kind regards and speed safely all times.
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The Ring Rats, The World Endurance Tour, and Historic Racing are associated with Thunderclub (Zoppo was “discovered” in Germany ,operating via email by one of our members.) His events and ours were similar and our racers now race in each others events. New members from anywhere in GTP are wanted to swell grids.

There are numerous leagues in Europe that operate without a central hub like GTP and we are encouraging them to join us here so they can benefit from the great communications here as well as offering our numerous leagues.

Welcome to @ZOPPO GT and his European Racers
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