No space for photos?

Discussion in 'Forza Horizon 2' started by FadeToBlack, Oct 29, 2015.

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    Posted this in the question and answer forum, but didn't get any replies. Mods, you can delete that thread. I think more people will see it in this section. Thanks in advance.

    Back in about July, i had the whole cloud save taking really long thing and didn't know not to cancel it and it messed up my game. Well, I reinstalled everything and started over and I've played some since then, but the thing keeping me from playing the most is that it won't let me save photos anymore, even though I know I haven't filled up the limit. I'll take one pic, save it, share it, then try and take another one and it tells me that I've used up all my spaces for that file type or something along those lines. I only have 2 pics saved, so I know I haven't used them all. I've googled it and everything and can't find out how to fix this. Someone please help me so that I can properly play FH2 again. It's one of my favorite games EVER and I don't like not being able to take photos. Anyone got any ideas?

    EDIT: It should be noted that I had a bunch of pics before I reinstalled everything, but they don't show up when I go to save a photo.