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    The moment I played Hor 2 for the first time, I noticed how there is a slight delay in how your car reacts and I'm fairly certain its the game, and not my 60 Hz TV or the controller itself.

    I don't remember experiencing this mini-lag in Horizon 1 even though that's a 30 fps game as well. I know it's never going to be as responsive as a FM game, but will buying a 240 Hz TV help?

    When I switch to the outside views, I can see the driver turning the wheel and the wheels moving EXACTLY when I give inputs - there is no input lag whatsoever from the controller or TV. All enhancements are off on my TV; there's no bleeding or ghosting.

    Do I need to get a higher Hz TV to mae 30 fps games look and feel more alive and uber-responsive? Both Horizon games are the only 30 fps games I own at the moment.

    Maybe the devs should address this issue along with the rev-hanging bug. There was NO lag at all in Horizon 1.
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    Cant really comment on the controller lag you are suffering from, because I just dont have it in FH2 or FM5 for that matter.

    But with regards to the rev hanging on FH2, I stopped playing the game because of that. I just couldnt play the game as it kept messing up my drifting and racing. But just recently I bought a 2 terabyte Seagate USB 3.0 external hard drive, which runs at 7200RPM, as it is there barracuda line of drives inside the enclosure. After moving all of my games to the new external drive, the rev hanging in FH2 has completely stopped. I did a little digging, and it appears the Xbox ones internal Sata 3 hard drive is running of the Sata 2 standard, so that means the transfer speeds for the internal hard drive are slower than that of USB 3.0. Even a 5600RPM usb 3.0 external drive would offer up better performance.

    Anyway, this is the exact external drive I have. It is a desktop model.

    A lot of people are also using the portable Western Digital My passport ultra drives. They run solely from the USB 3.0 with no external power required. I believe the drives inside the casing are 5600RPM. Still, they are fast enough to physically run windows 8.1 from on a pc; and provide loading times akin to running windows 8.1 from an internal sata 3 mechanical hard drive.
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    Lalyrn.... you're my hero, dudette! :D

    I've been contemplating getting a bigger and faster drive lately.. and this is exactly what I needed to know. Page bookmarked!

    What interests me the most is how you say the rev-hanging disappears altogether. Now.... I wonder if this will completely get rid of the FM5 Lemans-like occasional stutters, or texture pop ups in Horizon 2. Running the OS on one drive and all your games on another faster, more efficient drive seems like a solid idea.

    Thanks for the input, super-appreciated! :cheers:

    As for the lag, I just feel the game's steering isn't as responsive as FM5. I now play both games at normal steering to get better, more direct control. Maybe you're on a wheel, not sure.