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Hey guys, so basically I took my 99 hotlaps of the Nordschleife and made a best of compilation of all the "exciting" or "spectacular" scenes, edited fitting music in and let it at all play in slow-mo, as that helps to highlight the...highlights :D of all scenes. I did synchronize the videos to the music though. In the penultimate song the timing is weirdly a little off, but mostly it is spot on.

In the scenes I looked for everything interesting like great graphical effects (like reflections, beautiful lighting conditions, back-fire, sparks, grass flying on the track, etc) and for physics effects (like body roll, jumps, slides, drifts, tyre deformation, etc.). Full screen view is advised. :)

This video is basically a celebration of cars and is about the passion for cars. It consists of about 250-300 scenes (a guess) and 99 cars are featured (almost only road cars). Each car is featured in at least 2 scenes. Most cars are featured in 2 scenes, while some are featured in 3-8 scenes. The most featured car is the Diablo I believe, because it's my favourite model. :)

Up until 19:34 I used different songs, but of the same kind of music. From 19:34 onwards every changing song is rather different to the song before, so if the music from the beginning is less your taste, you can just click through the video and find out, if there is anything fitting for you to enjoy. :)

This is my biggest project so far and I put a lot of time and effort into it. I spent around 40 hours just for editing. If you count also the driving and recording of the videos (which I had already done for my hot lap videos on my channel), then you are looking at a total of around 250 hours.

So comments, likes and subs are all very welcomed. While they are important to me, more important to me is honestly just to share my passion for beautiful cars with as many other car enthusiasts as possible, so I really hope some of you will enjoy it! :) Also, I gladly take any criticisme and tips. :)

For anyone, who doesn't like to sit through 47 minutes of footage and look out for the "spectacular" scenes, here are my favourite scenes as examples:

00:34-0:42/ 01:43-02:17/ 05:33-06:45/ 09:33-09:53/ 14:07-14:12/ 17:17-17:24/ 17:46-17:53/ 19:53-20:14/ 21:13-21:28/ 23:22-23:57/ 24:22-24:38/ 25:03-25:14/ 29:19-29:36/ 30:02-30:20/ 31:58-32:10/ 33:44-33:52/ 39:56-40:03/ 41:07-41:25/ 42:16-42:30/ 43:19-43:25/ 46:38-46:50

Side note: Before creating an own thread for one video, I did aks the mods for permission. Because there was a lot of effort and time put into the video, and because it has a certain"theme", they did allow me to create the thread. So please ask the mods, before creating a new thread for one video. Thank you. :)

@sunjeev: Do your work and post some awesome gifs please! :D

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